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Canvas best practices

This article provides some best practices for creating and customizing user journeys with Canvas and Canvas Flow.

Identify your purpose

Dive into the what, who, and why!

  • What are you trying to help the users accomplish?
  • Who are the users you’re trying to reach?
  • Why are you building this Canvas?

Mix and match

Unlock new combinations of user journeys with Canvas components.

Create richer messages

Reel in your users with richer messages.

  • Build in-app messages for onboarding Canvases to make the most out of your first impression.
  • Introduce Content Cards in a Canvas journey for promotional offers and push notifications.

Test your user journeys

Determine the impact of your Canvas messaging by incorporating control groups. This way, you can build an understanding of how your Canvas was received!

  • Name each step of your Canvas to identify your user journey.
  • Leverage the Experiment Paths component in your user journey to randomly assign users to different paths you create.
  • Diversify your user journeys with Delay and Message steps to help uncover what path is most effective.
  • Check Canvas analytics to see the performance of each component in your user journey.
  • Edit your Canvas after the initial launch.
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