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News Feed use cases

At Braze, we value the customization that News Feed brings to the table. Here are some of our favorite use cases to help you get ideas on how to get the most out of Braze.

  • Advertising app updates
  • Drip marketing welcome campaigns that send messages to customers over time.
  • Determining a user’s willingness to pay.
    • Offering a schedule of steadily increasing discounts using targeted News Feed cards can help you see exactly how much your service is worth to different user segments.
  • Achievements and badges
    • When a user completes a noteworthy task or takes a desired action after being targeted by a marketing campaign, you can isolate that segment in order to recognize their accomplishment with a News Feed card.
      • You might even want to tie a specific reward to this acknowledgment such as an in-app discount.
  • Prompting users to share to various social networks.
  • Deep-linking by using custom URLs to point users at any resource housed within your app.
    • For example, a video messaging app might want to have a News Feed card point at a video that is elsewhere within the app. You could even potentially use this to design your entire app navigation scheme around our News Feed!
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