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Certona’s platform drives personalization across the customer lifecycle. From highly individualized email campaigns to machine-learning-powered product recommendations, Certona ensures that you’re harnessing the power of personalization.

The Braze and Certona integration leverages Certona’s machine learning product recommendations in Braze campaigns and Canvases through Connected Content.


Requirement Description
Certona account A Certona account is required to take advantage of this partnership.
Certona REST API endpoint This endpoint is used directly in your Braze campaign message to pull recommended content based on user ID.


Use Certona’s REST API to insert personalized content into your messages. This can be done by adding the following Connected Content template into your Braze message composer along with your Certona REST API endpoint.

{% connected_content {CERTONA_REST_API_KEY} :save recommendations %}

Next, define the content you would like to call such as relevant text or images. For example, {{recommendations.CertonaObject.RecommendedItems[0].Items[0].name}}.

An image of a push campaign with Certona related Connected Content included in the message body.

Once you put this message into the composer body, preview your Connected Content call to make sure you have displayed the correct information.

An image showing the "Test" tab, encouraging users to thoroughly test their message before send.

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