Digioh helps you grow your lists, capture first-party data, and put your data to use in your Braze campaigns. The drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create on-brand forms, pop-ups, preference centers, landing pages, and surveys that connect you with your customers. Integration setup is included in every package, and Digioh will also help build, design, and launch your first campaign for you.

"Create flexible email and communications preference centers with Digioh"


Requirement Origin Access Description
Braze API Key Braze You will need to create a new API Key.

This can be created in the Developer Console -> API Settings -> Create New API Key with users.track permissions.
You will need to copy this key to your Digioh account - see the instructions below.
Braze REST Endpoint Braze You will need the server endpoint your account uses to access Braze’s API. See Braze’s API documentation for details. You will need to copy this URL to your Digioh account - see the instructions below.
Digioh Account Digioh https://www.digioh.com/ You will need to have a Digioh account.

Integration Details

Step 1: Create Digioh Integration

In the Digioh platform, click the Integrations tab, and create the + New Integration button.

Next, select Braze from the Integration dropdown and name the integration. Enter the Braze API Key and Braze REST Endpoint from your Braze account in the fields provided. Click Create Integration.

"Select the correct integration from the dropdown"

Step 2: Map Additional Fields

On the Integrations page, use the Map Fields link to map additional fields beyond email and name.

Step 3: Apply Integration

To apply the integration to a lightbox, use the Add or Edit link in the Integrations column on the Boxes page.

"Add the integration to a box"

You can also add it from the Integration section of the editor.

"Add the integration to a box in the editor"

That’s all there is to it! Digioh will now pass your captured leads to Braze in real-time.

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