Hightouch is a modern data integration platform that enables you to sync customer, product, or proprietary data from your warehouse or data lake to any app of your choice, all without assistance from your IT or engineering teams.

The Braze and Hightouch integration allows you to build better campaigns on Braze with up-to-date customer data from your data warehouse. You want to provide relevant, timely interactions to your customers, and doing so heavily relies on data in your Braze account to be accurate and fresh. By automatically syncing customer data from your data warehouse into Braze, you no longer need to worry about data consistency, and you can focus on building world-class customer experiences.


Requirement Origin Access Description
Braze API Key Braze You will need to create a new API key.

This can be created in the Developer Console -> API Settings -> Create New API Key with users.track permissions.
You will use your Braze API key to authenticate using Hightouch.
Braze REST Endpoint Braze Braze REST endpoint list. Your REST endpoint URL.
Hightouch Account Hightouch Your Hightouch Workspace. An active Hightouch account.

Braze and Hightouch Integration

Step 1: Obtain Braze Credentials

Create a Braze API Key

  1. Within Braze, navigate to Settings at the bottom of the left navigation bar and click Developer Console.
  2. In the API Settings tab, under Rest API Keys, click + Create New API Key.
  3. Name this API key, and select all users.track permissions. Next, select Save API Key.
  4. Lastly, copy the API Key found under Identifier to use when creating your Hightouch connection.

Find your Braze API Endpoint

You will need to locate your Braze REST API endpoint. You will need this when creating your Hightouch destination with Braze. Your endpoint will depend on the Braze URL for your instance; you can find a full list of all Braze endpoints here.

Hightouch only requires everything after “https://rest.” to specify your endpoint. For example, if your Braze endpoint is https://rest.iad-01.braze.com, you will only need iad-01.braze.com.

Step 2: Create your Hightouch Braze Destination

  1. In the Destinations section of Hightouch, click Add destination.
  2. Select Braze in the list of destinations listed.
  3. Provide the Braze endpoint (excluding “https://rest.”) and your API Key.


Supported Objects and Sync Modes

Hightouch supports syncing to both user objects and events.

Destination Description Supported Modes
Object Syncs records to objects such as users or organizations in your destination. Upsert or Update
Events Syncs records as events to your destination; this is often in the form of a track call. Track Event or Track Purchase

Use Cases

  • Sync data about users and accounts into Braze to build hyper-personalized campaigns.
  • Automatically update your Braze segments with fresh data from your warehouse.
  • Deliver better experiences by bringing in data from other customer touchpoints into Braze.

Additional Information

For more information on the Braze and Hightouch integration regarding field mapping and user and event syncing, visit the Hightouch docs.

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