Vizbee for Mobile-to-TV Deep Linking

Vizbee enables all smartphones and smart TVs in your home to work together as one seamless device for great user experiences. Vizbee helps you leverage existing mobile app marketing channels like notifications, deep-links, and emails to seamlessly acquire and engage viewership across all Connected TV (CTV) devices (like Roku, FireTV, Samsung TV, LG TV, etc.). This article will walk you through how to integrate Vizbee with Braze to enable mobile-to-TV deep linking .

Vizbee with Braze allows you to use a single console to schedule your marketing campaigns for acquiring and retaining viewers in streaming apps on both mobile and CTV devices. With this integration, you can:

  • Schedule a mobile notification to targeted users which on tap, can result in mobile app viewership or seamlessly invoke playback on a nearby streaming device or TV.
  • Schedule an email marketing campaign to targeted users which on tap, can result in automatic CTV app installs and sign-ins of the user on a CTV device like Roku or FireTV.

There are other beneficial user acquisition and retention flows for both mobile and CTV apps that can be enabled with the Vizbee and Braze joint integration.


Before performing the Vizbee and Braze joint integration, ensure that you have registered your app with Vizbee, and have an assigned your Vizbee app id. To get started and register with Vizbee, please visit Vizbee.

Mobile-to-TV Deep Linking

Follow Vizbeeā€™s SDK Integration Guide to get up and running with your Vizbee and Braze integration. For details, check out their documentation here.

TV App Installs & Viewership Attribution

Vizbee and Braze also enable you to view the holistic performance of your campaigns across mobile and CTV devices. Vizbee SDK sends custom events to the Braze SDK that can be viewed in your campaign reports from the Braze console. For integration instructions, check out the documentation here.

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