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Message extras Liquid tag

Using the message_extras Liquid tag, you can annotate your send events with dynamic data from Connected Content, Catalogs, custom attributes (such as language, country), Canvas entry properties, or other data sources.

The message_extras Liquid tag appends key-value pairs to the corresponding send event in Currents and Snowflake Data Sharing.

To send dynamic or extra data back to your Currents or Snowflake Data Sharing send event, insert the proper Liquid tag into your message body.

The following is an example of the standard Liquid tag format for message_extras:

{% message_extras :key test :value 123 %}

You can add these tags as needed for your key-value pairs in the message body. However, the length of all keys and values should not exceed 1 KB. In Currents and Snowflake Data Sharing, you’ll see a new event field called message_extras for your send events. This will generate a JSON serialized string in one field.

Supported channels

The message_extras tag is supported for all message types with a send event, along with in-app message impression events. Using message_extras with in-app messages requires certain minimum SDK versions to be met.

How to use

  1. In the message body for the channel, input the message_extras Liquid tag. Or, you can use the Add Personalization modal and select Message Extras for the personalization type.
    The Add Personalization modal with Message Extras selected as the personalization type.
  2. Enter the key-value pair for each message_extras tag.
    An example of key-value pairs for the message extras tag. The title field reads "Your New Favorites." The message reads key-value pairs for the message extras tag and the following sentence: "We're excited to bring you a side selection of fresh and exciting products that are sure to become your new go-to favorites"
  3. After your campaign or Canvas has been sent, Braze will attach the dynamic data at the send time via the Currents or Snowflake Data Sharing send events to the message_extras field.

Checking syntax

Any other input that doesn’t match the aforementioned tag standard may fail to pass to Currents or Snowflake. Check that your syntax or formatting doesn’t include any of the following:

  • Non-existent, empty, or mistyped delimiters
  • Duplicate keys (Braze will default to sending the key-value pair that is encountered first)
  • Extra text before keys or values are defined
  • Out of order keys and values
    • For example, {% message_extras :value 123 :key test %}


  • If your key-values exceed 1 KB, they’ll truncate.
  • Whitespace will count toward the character count. Note that Braze omits the leading and trailing whitespaces.
  • The resulting JSON will output only string values.
  • Liquid variables can be included as a key or value, but Liquid tags are not supported directly.
    • For example, {% assign value = '123' %} {% assign key = 'test' %} {% message_extras :key {{key}} :value {{value}} %}

Frequently asked questions

How can I associate the message_extras field in the send events to my engagement events like opens and clicks?

A dispatch_id is generated and provided in your send events, which can be used as a unique identifier to tie to specific click, open or delivered events. You will be able to utilize and query this field in Currents or Snowflake. Learn more about dispatch_id behavior.

Can I use message_extras with in-app messages?

Yes, you can use message_extras in your in-app messages as long as your users’ devices are on the following minimum SDK versions:

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