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Pulling user profile data in Connected Content calls

If a Connected Content response contains user profile fields (within a Liquid personalization tag), these values must be defined earlier in the message via Liquid, before the Connected Content call in order to render the Liquid passback properly. Similarly, the :rerender flag must be included in the request.

For personalization, Braze pulls user profile fields before passing that field to Liquid—so if the response from Connected Content has user profile fields, it must be defined beforehand.

For example, if this were the Connected Content call:

Hi ${first_name},
{% connected_content :rerender %}

And the Connected Content response is Your language is ${language}, the content displayed in this scenario will be Hi Jon, your language is. The language itself will not be templated.

In order to render the Liquid passback properly, you must put the ${language} tag anywhere in the body, as shown in the following code snippet.

"Hi ${first_name}, {% connected_content${language} :rerender %}
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