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WhatsApp reporting

This reference article covers WhatsApp metrics used at Braze, as well as how to view them in your WhatsApp campaigns.

Campaign analytics

Once you’ve launched your campaign, you can return to the details page for that campaign to view key metrics. Navigate to the Campaigns page and select your campaign to open the details page. For WhatsApp messages sent in Canvas, refer to Canvas analytics.

From the Campaign Analytics tab, you can view your reports in a series of panels. You may see more or less than those listed in the sections below, but each has its own useful purpose.

Campaign Details

The Campaign Details panel shows a high-level overview of the entire performance for your WhatApp messages.

Review this panel to see overall metrics such as the number of messages sent to the number of recipients, the primary conversion rate, and the total revenue generated by this message. You can also review delivery, audience, and conversion settings from this page.

Control groups

To measure the impact of an individual WhatsApp message, you can add a control group to an A/B test. The top-level Campaign Details panel doesn’t include metrics from the Control Group variant.

WhatsApp Performance

The WhatsApp Performance panel outlines how well your message has performed across various dimensions. The metrics in this panel vary depending on your chosen messaging channel, and whether or not you are running a multivariate test. You can click on the Preview icon to view your message for each variant or channel.

WhatsApp performance panel that includes a table of metrics for Variant 1.

If you want to simplify your view, click Add/Remove Columns and clear any metrics as desired. By default, all metrics are displayed.

WhatsApp metrics

Here are some key WhatsApp metrics you may see in your analytics. To see the definitions of all WhatsApp metrics used in Braze, refer to our Report Metrics Glossary.

Term Definition
Sends The total number of sends successfully communicated between Braze and WhatsApp. However, this does not necessarily mean the message was received by the end user.
Deliveries The total number of WhatsApp messages sent that successfully made it to the end user’s device.
Reads When a WhatsApp message is read by the end user. The end user’s read receipts must be “on” for Braze to track reads.
Failures The total number of sends that were not successful because WhatsApp could not deliver the message to the end user. Failures are included in the Sends count but are not included in the Deliveries count.

End-user blocking and reporting metrics

Additional metrics may be accessed via the WhatsApp Manager dashboard, though confirmation of your access is necessary to access all available insights.

Historical performance

The Historical Performance panel allows you to view the metrics from the Message Performance panel as a graph over time. Use the filters at the top of the panel to modify the stats and channels shown in the graph. The time range of this graph will always mirror the time range specified at the top of the page.

To get a day-by-day breakdown, click the hamburger menu and select Download CSV to receive a CSV export of the report.

A graph of the Historical Performance panel with example statistics for an email from February 2021 to May 2022.

Conversion event details

The Conversion Event Details panel shows you the performance of your conversion events for your campaign. For more information, refer to Conversion Events.

The Conversion Event Details panel.

Conversion correlation

The Conversion Correlation panel gives you insight into what user attributes and behaviors help or hurt the outcomes you set for campaigns. For more information, refer to Conversion correlation.

The Conversion Correlation panel with an analysis on user attributes and behavior from the Primary Conversion Event - A.

Meta analytics

In addition to Braze analytics, template-level analytics can be accessed in the WhatsApp Business Manager. For information, check out Meta’s documentation.

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