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WhatsApp subscription groups

WhatsApp subscription groups are created upon integrating WhatsApp with your app through the Technology Partner Portal.

WhatsApp subscription states

There are two subscription states for WhatsApp users: subscribed and unsubscribed. WhatsApp has one subscription group per app group.

State Definition
Subscribed User has explicitly confirmed that they want to receive WhatsApp messages from a specific company. Users can be subscribed by having their subscription state updated through the Braze subscription API or by deploying an opt-in strategy, as per WhatsApp’s guidelines.
Unsubscribed User either hasn’t explicitly given consent for opt-in, or their opt-in status has been explicitly removed.

How users’ WhatsApp subscription groups get set

  • Rest API: User profiles can be programmatically set by the /subscription/status/set endpoint using Braze’s REST API.
  • Web SDK: Users can be added to an email, SMS, or WhatsApp subscription group using the addToSubscriptionGroup method for Android, iOS, or Web.
  • User import: Users can be added to email or SMS subscription groups via user import. When updating the subscription group status, you must have these two columns in your CSV: subscription_group_id and subscription_state. Refer to User import for more information.

How to check a user’s WhatsApp subscription group

  • User Profile: Individual user profiles can be accessed through the Braze dashboard by selecting User Search from the sidebar. Here, you can look up user profiles by email address, phone number, or external user ID. Once in a user profile, under the Engagement tab, you can view a user’s WhatsApp subscription group and their status.
  • Rest API: Individual user profiles subscription group can be viewed by the Get Subscription Group endpoint or Subscription Group Status endpoint by using Braze’s REST API.

WhatsApp opt-in process

Currently, users can subscribe and opt-in to WhatsApp messaging in various ways, including SMS, through a website, a WhatsApp thread, phone, or in person. Opt-in keywords are not currently supported for the WhatsApp channel, so it will be up to you to maintain a user list. WhatsApp has a retrospective approach to opt-ins and rate limits, where if users start reporting or blocking you, your rate limit will be lowered.

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