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Push message and image formats

This reference article describes message and image formats for push notifications.

For best results, refer to the following image size and message length guidelines when crafting your push messages. There may be some variance depending on the presence of an image, the notification state (iOS) and display setting of the user’s device, as well as the size of the device. When in doubt, keep your copy short and sweet.

iOS and Android push

Image Type Recommended Image Size Max Image Size File Types
(iOS) 2:1 Recommended 500 KB 5 MB PNG, JPEG, GIF
(Android) Push icon 500 KB 5 MB PNG, JPEG
(Android) Expanded notification 500 KB 5 MB PNG, JPEG
Message Type Recommended Message Length (Text only) Recommended Message Length (Rich)
(iOS) Lock Screen 160 characters 130 characters
(iOS) Notification Center 160 characters 130 characters
(iOS) Banner Alert 80 characters 65 characters
(Android) Lock Screen 49 characters N/A
(Android) Notification Drawer 597 characters N/A

Wondering how many characters you can use in an iOS push notification without it being truncated? Check out our iOS character count guidelines.

Platform Size
pre iOS 8 0.256 KB
post iOS 8 2 KB
Android (FCM) 4 KB

iOS push notification with text that reads: "Hi! This is an iOS Push with an image" with an emoji. There is a small image beside the text. iOS push notification on a hard push with the same text as the previous message with an expanded image preceding the text.

Android push notification with a large image under the message text.

Web push

Browser Recommended Icon Size
Chrome 192 x 192 ≥
Firefox 192 x 192 ≥
Safari 192 x 192 ≥ (Icons are configurable on a per-campaign basis with Safari 16 on macOS 13+)
Opera 192x192 ≥
Browser Platform Large Image Size
Chrome Android 2:1 aspect ratio
Firefox Android N/A
Chrome Windows 2:1 aspect ratio
Edge Windows 2:1 aspect ratio
Firefox Windows N/A
Firefox Windows 2:1 aspect ratio
Safari macOS N/A
Chrome macOS N/A
Firefox macOS N/A
Opera macOS N/A
Browser Platform Maximum Title Length Maximum Message Body Length
Chrome Android 35 50
Firefox Android 35 50
Chrome Windows 50 120
Edge Windows 50 120
Firefox Windows 54 200
Opera Windows 50 120
Chrome macOS 35 50
Safari macOS 38 84
Firefox macOS 38 42
Opera macOS 38 42
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