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Inbox Vision

Inbox Vision allows you to view your emails from the perspective of various email clients and mobile devices.

Testing your email in Inbox Vision

Inbox Vision works when Random User is selected for Preview as a User and does not persist any custom user or other preview user settings. This means that if you select Custom User and run Inbox Vision, what’s shown in Inbox Vision may differ from the message preview elsewhere.

To test your email message in Inbox Vision, do the following:

  1. Go to your drag-and-drop editor or HTML email editor.
  2. Open the Preview and Test tab.
  3. Select Inbox Vision and click Run Inbox Vision.

    Braze then sends an HTML version of your email to various email clients used across the globe, which may take between two and ten minutes to complete.

    The rendered HTML previews will be divided into three sections:
    • Web Clients
    • Application Clients
    • Mobile Clients

  4. Select a tile to view the preview in more detail.

    Your email must include a subject line and a valid sending domain in order to see these previews. Be mindful of how your email can render different on the desktop versus on mobile devices. As you view these previews, you can review your content and ensure that your email is displaying as intended.

Overview of Inbox Vision for the HTML editor.

  1. Make changes to a template, if necessary, and then click Re-run Test to see the updated previews.

Code analysis

Code analysis is a way for Braze to highlight issues that may exist with your HTML, showing the number of occurrences of each issue and providing insight into which HTML elements are not supported.

Viewing code analysis information

This information can be found on the Inbox Vision tab by selecting List view. This list view is available for HTML email templates only. If you’re using drag-and-drop email templates, check the previews to resolve any possible issues instead.

Example code analysis on the Inbox Vision preview.

Spam testing

Spam testing attempts to predict whether your email will land in spam folders or your customers’ inboxes. Spam testing runs across major spam filters, such as IronPort, SpamAssassin, and Barracuda, as well as major internet service provider (ISP) filters such as and

Viewing spam test results

To check your spam test results, click the Spam Testing tab in the Inbox Vision section. The Spam Test Result table lists the spam filter name, status, and type.

Spam Test Result table with three columns: Name, Status, and Type. There is a list of spam filters and ISP filters that have passed spam testing, indicating that the email campaign will not land in the spam folder.

After reviewing these results and making any adjustments to your email campaign, click Re-run Test to reload your spam test results.

Test accuracy

All of our tests are run through actual email clients. Braze works hard to check that all renderings are as accurate as possible. If you consistently see an issue with an email client, open a support ticket.

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