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Email Setup

Braze can help you start sending email campaigns. Either follow our guides or check out our Email Onboarding Braze Learning course.


Before you start sending emails, there are some things you need. Refer to the following chart to learn more about these requirements.

Requirement Description Source
A Dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) A dedicated IP is a unique internet address provided exclusively to a single hosting account. Braze gives its customers dedicated IPs, to ensure control of your email sender reputation. Braze onboarding will set this up for you.
Whitelabeled Domains These consist of a domain and a subdomain. By using whitelabeling, you can pass email authentication checks for DKIM and SPF. The Braze Onboarding team will generate these domains for you, but you must choose their names.
Subdomains This is a subdivision of a domain (i.e., “”) within your email address. Having a subdomain will prevent any errors that could damage your company’s official email reputation. The Onboarding team will generate this for you, but you must decide the name of the subdomain. You cannot use subdomains that are currently being used outside of Braze.
IP Pools These are an optional configuration used to separate out the reputation of different types of email (i.e., “promotional” and “transactional”) to prevent the reputation of one from impacting the other and support higher deliverability. The Onboarding team will set up the pools for you. Then, when composing your email, select your email’s IP pool from the IP Pool dropdown on the Target Users page.

IP warming

IP warming is when you send a relatively small number of emails out in your first batch, then over time, slightly increase the volume in the following batches until you reach your typical daily volume. This is done at the very end of your email set up process.

By starting with smaller volumes of email, you are establishing a level of trust with your email provider, showing you are only sending emails to relevant users. By sending your first batch of emails to your most engaged users, this can help you gain trust faster with your provider.

After you’re done warming up your IP, you can start creating and sending emails!

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