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Frequently asked questions

This page provides answers to some frequently asked questions related to the drag-and-drop editor for email.

Does the drag-and-drop editor support dark mode?

Yes. Go to the Preview and Test section of the drag-and-drop editor and select the dark mode toggle. We recommend also testing your emails across different user platforms and using transparent images for row background images when possible.

How can I change the email padding on mobile without updating the padding in the web view?

It is not possible to edit the padding for mobile and web views exclusively, so any edits will be reflected in both views. As a workaround, you can add CSS logic that sets the padding based on different screen sizes. However, this cannot be accomplished using the drag-and-drop editor. So, we suggest exporting the HTML file and using the HTML editor instead.

Can I adjust the row height in the drag-and-drop editor?

The row height auto-adjusts to the content. As an alternative, we recommend that you:

  1. Add a divider block.
  2. Click the toggle to turn on its transparency.
  3. Adjust the height.

Is it possible to build layers in the editor? Can I add a background image, layer on an image, and add a text layer over that?

The drag-and-drop editor currently supports two layers. You can set a row background image and customize background colors.

Can I save my drag-and-drop email as a template after I build it within my campaign or Canvas?

No, you have to recreate the email in Email Templates in order to save.

Can I add email attachments to the drag-and-drop editor?

No, the drag-and-drop editor does not currently support functionality to add attachments to your emails.

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