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Duplicate emails

For duplicate emails, if one email unsubscribes, other profiles (up to 100 profiles) with that email address are updated to reflect the same subscription state. This applies for unsubscribes and other changes to subscription state, such as global email subscription state and individual subscription group statuses.

Email subscription updates

Braze automatically checks for and removes duplicate email addresses when an email campaign is sent. This way an email is only sent once and is “deduped,” which checks that it doesn’t hit the same email multiple times even if multiple user profiles share a common address.

If users share an email address, updating one of these users will propagate the subscription changes across these users (up to 100 users).

Message sending behavior

Because deduplication occurs when targeted users are included in the same dispatch, triggered campaigns (excluding API-triggered campaigns) and Canvases may result in multiple sends to the same email address (even within a time period where users could be excluded due to reeligibility) if differing users with matching emails log the trigger event at different times.


For example, if user A and user B share the email [email protected] but their profile is in a different time zone, when the campaign trigger event includes sending in a user’s time zone, the email [email protected] will receive two emails.

If you set or update the email address for User A to another email address that’s shared by an existing User B, User A will inherit the subscription state that already exists from User B unless the Resubscribe users when they update their email setting is turned on.

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