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Braze Learning course About email

You can do a lot with email messages! Email messages are a great way to deliver rich content to your users. Email messaging has unlimited flexibility for communicating with your users outside of your app or website. Customize your email messages from managing your audience to including eye-catching multimedia content. To see examples of email campaigns, check out our case studies.

Customize your emails

You can customize your email messaging in a variety of ways, including:

Great use cases

Here are some great use cases to get you inspired!

Use case Explanation
Re-engagement Reach users outside of your app, including those who have not installed the app.
Onboarding Onboard and encourage new users to turn on push notifications or share the app on social networks.
Rich messages Allow for rich and dynamic HTML messages.
Multimedia content Ease of multimedia content placement that engages users such as videos and images.
Newsletters Conveniently send monthly or weekly newsletters to maintain user engagement.
Transactions Notify users of recent purchases and deliver important product and shipping information with transactional emails.
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