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Frequently asked questions

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the media library in Braze.

Are there storage limits for images within the media library?

No, there are no storage limits for images within the media library.

Are there expiration dates for uploaded assets?

No, uploaded assets will not expire when added to the media library.

Can I upload video assets?

No, the media library doesn’t support video files. We recommend you host these externally, or on a platform such as YouTube.

Can I crop all image types?

No, the media library doesn’t support cropping GIF images.

How do I crop an existing image?

You can crop an existing image by selecting the image from the media library and clicking Crop & Save New Image.

You’ll then be redirected to a cropping composer where you can select your ratio type, and edit the name of the new image. When you hit Save, your new image can be used.

My image keeps timing out when I try to upload it. What can I do about this?

This can happen for a variety of reasons, but a common solution is to make sure your image is optimized before attempting to upload it. This means running your image through an image optimizer such as ImageOptim.

Additionally, if your image was built in Photoshop (or a similar software) and has many layers, merging and reducing the number of layers can also help.

Why can’t I upload any image I want into the push composers?

This is because most composers have restrictions on the image ratio size that is allowed.

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