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Media library

The Media Library allows you to manage your assets in a single, centralized location. To access this feature go into the Media Library tab in the Templates & Media section of your dashboard.

You can use the Media Library to:

  • Upload multiple images at one time
  • Upload Virtual Contact Files (.vcf)
  • Upload a folder with your images (max: 50 images)
  • Crop an existing image to create the right ratio for your messages
  • Add tags or teams to help further organize your images
  • Search by tags or teams in the new Media Library grid
  • Drag and drop images or folders to be uploaded
  • Delete images

Media Library page that includes an "Upload To Library" section to drag and drop or upload files. There is also a list of uploaded content in the Media Library.

Stats available

Within the Media Library, you can see the image dimensions, URL, type as well as the date it was added to the library.

Accessing the Media Library from a message composer

The Media Library acts as your dashboard’s centralized location for assets, as all images are uploaded directly to it. This functionality gives you the flexibility to re-use images across different messages.

Managing content

You can also duplicate and archive templates! Learn more about creating and managing templates and creative content in Templates & Media.

Image specifications

All images uploaded to the Media Library must be less than 5MB. Supported file types are PNG, JPEG, and GIF. For specific image recommendations by messaging channel, refer to the following sections.

Content Cards

Card type Aspect ratio Image quality
Classic 1:1 aspect ratio 60px by 60px
Captioned 4:3 aspect ratio 600px minimum width
Banner Any aspect ratio 600px minimum width

For more information, refer to Content Card creative details.


Image type Aspect ratio Image quality
Header image Any aspect ratio 600px maximum width
Body image Any aspect ratio 480px maximum width

Smaller, high quality images will load faster, so we recommend that you use the smallest asset possible to achieve your desired output.

In-app messages

Layout Aspect ratio Image quality Notes
Image and text 6:5 aspect ratio High resolution 1200px by 1000px

Minimum resolution 600px by 500px
Cropping can occur on all sides, but the image will always fill the top 50% of the viewport.
Image only 3:5 aspect ratio High resolution 1200px by 2000px

Minimum resolution 600px by 1000px
Cropping can occur on the left and right edges on taller devices.
Layout Aspect ratio Image quality Notes
Image and text 1:1 aspect ratio High resolution 150px by 150px

Minimum resolution 50px by 50px
Images of various aspect ratios will fit into a square image container, without cropping.

For more information, refer to In-app message creative details.


Aspect ratio Image quality Notes
2:1 aspect ratio (recommended) 1038px by 1038px maximum As of January 2020, iOS rich push notifications can handle images 1038px by 1038px as long as they are under 10MB, but we recommend using as small a file size as possible. In practice, sending large files can cause both unnecessary network stress and make download timeouts more common.
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Android rich notifications do not support GIFs.

Image type Aspect ratio Image quality
Push icon 1:1 aspect ratio N/A
Expanded notification 2:1 aspect ratio Small: 512px by 256px
Medium: 1024px by 512px
Large: 2048px by 1024px
Inline image 3:2 aspect ratio N/A
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