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Managing templates

Archiving or duplicating templates can help better organize and manage them. This reference article covers how to archive and duplicate templates in the Templates section of the Braze dashboard.

Duplicate templates

Duplicate an individual template

To duplicate an individual template, click the cog icon for the individual template and select Duplicate from the dropdown menu.

Duplicate multiple templates

Duplicating multiple templates can be achieved by selecting the checkbox next to the template name. First, select the templates and then click the Duplicate button that appears.

Duplicated templates can be found by sorting the Last Edited column. By default, new templates will by named Copy of {{original template name}}.

GIF that shows a user selecting two templates and clicking "Duplicate", which results in a total of four templates, sorted by the time the templates were last edited.

Archive templates

Archive an individual template

Expanded settings dropdown menu that shows three options: Edit, Archive, and Duplicate, where the Archive option highlighted.

To archive an individual template, click the settings icon on the template grid screen and select Archive.

Archive multiple templates

To archive multiple templates, select the checkbox next to each template that you want to archive. After you’ve selected multiple templates, click Archive Selected. You can find your archived templates by selecting Archived under Show in the template grid.

Saved Drop & Drop Email Templates section that shows two selected templates: "Try Premium Template" and "Welcome Template". The "Archive Selected" button is highlighted by the user.

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