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Duplicate users

Learn how to find and merge duplicate users, so you can maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns and Canvases.

Individual merging

If a user search returns duplicate profiles, you can merge each profile individually from the user’s profile in the Braze dashboard.

Step 1: Search for a duplicate profile

In Braze, select Audience > User Search.

The "User Search" tile highlighted in the navigation menu.

Enter a unique identifier, such as an email address or phone number, for the duplicate profile, then select Search.

The "User Search" page in the Braze dashboard with an email entered in the search bar.

Step 2: Merge duplicates

To begin the merge process, select Merge duplicates.

One of the duplicate user's profiles.

Choose which user profile to keep and which to merge, then select Merge profiles. Repeat this process until you’ve merged all duplicate profiles.

The individual merge page for a duplicate profile.

Bulk merging

When you bulk merge duplicate users, Braze finds profiles with matching identifiers (such as an email address) and merges all their data into the most recently updated profile with an external_id. If there are no profiles with an external_id, the most recently updated profile without an external_id will be used instead.

Step 1: Go to Manage Audience

In the Braze dashboard, select Audience > Manage Audience.

The "Manage Audience" tile highlighted in the navigation menu.

Step 2: Preview the results (optional)

To preview your results before merging your duplicates, select Generate list of duplicates.

The "Manage Audience" page with "Generate list of duplicates" highlighted.

Braze will generate your preview and send it to your email address as a CSV file.

An email from Braze with a link to the generated CSV file.

In the following example, Braze uses the user’s external ID to flag duplicate profiles and identify which one to keep. If these profiles are bulk merged, Braze will use the profile with an external ID as the user’s new primary profile. Now if that user logs in using a merged profile, Braze will update their new primary profile instead.

Email Address External ID Phone Number Braze ID Identifier for rule Profile to keep Profile to merge
[email protected] A8i3mkd99 (555) 123-4567 65fcaa547f470494d1370 email TRUE FALSE
[email protected]   (555) 987-6543 65fcaa547f47d004d1348 email FALSE TRUE
[email protected]   (555) 321-0987 65fcaa547f47d0049135c email FALSE TRUE

Step 3: Merge your duplicates

If you’re satisfied with the results of your preview, select Merge all duplicates.

The "Manage Audience" page with "Merge all duplicates" highlighted.

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