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Troubleshooting segments

User behavior

User is no longer in a segment

If a user isn’t available while creating a segment, their user data that determines their segment eligibility might have changed as a result of their own activity or other campaigns and Canvases they’ve interacted with previously. If re-eligibility is turned on, their user profile will show the latest data of the received campaign.

Info displays for users of other apps when I filter for a specific app

Users can have multiple apps, so selecting a specific app in the Apps Used section of the segmentation page will yield results for users who at least have that app. The filter does not yield results for the users who exclusively have that app.

Analytics and reporting

Message Sent or Unique Recipients in Campaign Analytics doesn’t match segment count

If your campaign analytics count for Message Sent or Unique Recipients doesn’t match the number of users in the segment filter Has received message from campaign X, there could be two possible reasons why:

  1. Users may have been archived, orphaned, or deleted since the campaign launch

    For example, let’s say 1,000 users receive a campaign and you make a CSV export the same day. You’ll see 1,000 users reported. Over the next month, 50 of those 1,000 users are deleted (for example, by the users/delete endpoint). When you make another CSV export, you’ll see 950 users reported while the Unique Recipient count in Campaign Analytics is still 1,000.

    In other words, the Unique Recipients metric is an incremented count, while the segmenter and CSV export provide a count of currently existing users.

  2. The campaign has re-eligibility set, so users can re-enter the campaign multiple times

    For example, let’s say an email campaign has re-eligibility set to zero minutes (users can re-enter the campaign as long as they meet the audience segment requirements), and the campaign has been running for over a month. The Messages Sent number in Campaign Analytics wouldn’t match the number in the segment because this field would include messages sent to duplicate users.

    This is because Braze counts unique users as Unique Daily Recipients, or the number of users who received a particular message in a day. This means that re-eligible users will be counted more than once as a unique recipient because the “unique” window only lasts a day. This can result in the number of Unique Daily Recipients being higher than the number of user profiles in the CSV export. The user profiles in the CSV file will be truly unique.

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