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Scheduling Your Campaign

This section goes over the three different delivery methods Braze offers (Scheduled Delivery, Action-Based Delivery, and API-triggered Delivery) and how to set them up and use them. In combination with these articles, we also recommend you check out our Campaign Setup Braze Learning course.

Choosing how your campaign gets delivered is crucial in developing an effective campaign. Thankfully, with Braze you have fine-tuned control over when and how your campaigns get sent.

Every savvy marketer knows that timing is key, which is why Braze provides multiple scheduling options that will empower you to reach users at precisely the right time. Ample flexibility, however, may cause uncertainty over which type of schedule fits best with your campaign’s goals. To help you get the most of Braze, we’ve curated these handy articles that review your scheduling options, best practices, and use cases.

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