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Braze navigation

We’re updating the Braze navigation to help you create and access your content more quickly and efficiently. To make this transition easier for you and your team, this guide covers what has changed and what you can expect next.

Sidebar of Braze demonstrating the submenu appearing when you hover over a main section.

The new Braze navigation features a completely redesigned information architecture (how information is organized, grouped, and presented) to make each part of Braze more findable and understandable.

Features are now organized into intuitive categories that are familiar and relevant to a marketer’s workflow in Braze. Hover over a main section in the sidebar to open the submenu and view all available pages in that section.

Some pages have been renamed to better represent their contents. For a complete list of where features are now located, refer to the Changes tab in the Sidebar section of this article.

Switch to the new navigation

You can turn on the new navigation at any time by selecting Switch to new nav in the global header.

Global header of Braze with a button to switch to the new navigation.

What to expect next

You will still be able to switch back and forth between the new and old navigation until November 2023.

What’s changed

App group rename

As part of our navigation and information architecture changes, we have renamed “app group” to “workspace”. We recognize that the language “workspace” doesn’t reflect the way many users onboard, approach, and use the Braze platform. To better reflect the many use cases of Braze, “app group” is now “workspace”.

If you’re using our updated navigation, this change will appear throughout the platform.

  1. Workspace selector - The name of the workspace you’re currently in. Select this dropdown to change workspaces.
  2. Tour new navigation - Retake the navigation tour or expand the dropdown to access options for documentation or to send us feedback on the new navigation.
  3. Support - Check our system status and access links to Braze documentation, Braze Learning, or get help from support.
  4. Community - Access links to the Braze Bonfire community, our blog, case studies, and the product roadmap.
  5. Notifications – View your dashboard notifications.
  6. Your profile - View your account profile, change the language the dashboard appears in, or sign out.

  1. Braze logo - Select to go to your Braze home page.
  2. Page name - The name of the page you are currently on.
  3. Switch to new nav - Switch your view to the new navigation experience or expand the dropdown to access the documentation.
  4. Resources - Access links to Braze Learning, documentation, Braze Bonfire community, our blog, case studies, and the product roadmap.
  5. Get Help - Check our system status, visit help articles, or get help from support.
  6. Language selector - Select the language you want to use for Braze.
  7. Your profile - View your profile, company settings, subscriptions and usage, company users, or sign out.
  8. Administrator icon - Appears next to your profile if you are an administrator for your company.

  • Community
    • Resources is now Community
  • Support
    • Get Help is now Support
    • Braze Learning and Documentation are now located here
    • Braze Support is now Get Help
  • Your profile
    • Account Settings is now Manage Your Account
    • Subscriptions and Usage is now Billing
    • Manage Users is now Company Users

Top-level categories are now collapsed by default so you can get a better view of each section at a glance.

The following table lists where each page is located in the new navigation. Some pages have been renamed, and the new name is referenced in the “New location” column.

Page name New location
API Settings Settings > Setup and Testing > API Keys
App Settings Settings > Setup and Testing > App Settings
Approval Workflow Settings > Workspace > Approval Workflow
Billing Settings > Company > Billing
Campaigns Messaging > Campaigns
Calendar Messaging > Content Calendar
Canvas Messaging > Canvas
Catalogs Data Settings > Catalogs
Company Settings Settings > Company > Admin Settings
Connected Content Settings > Workspace > Connected Content
Content Blocks Library Templates > Content Blocks
Conversions Analytics > Analytics Dashboards > Conversions
Currents Partner Integrations > Data Export (Currents)
Custom Attributes Data Settings > Custom Attributes
Custom Events (report) Analytics > Reports > Custom Events Reports
Custom Events Data Settings > Custom Events
Data Feeds Data Settings > Data Feeds
Data Services Analytics > Analytics Dashboards > Data Services
Data Transformation Data Settings > Data Transformation
Developer Console Settings > Setup and Testing
Email Performance Analytics > Analytics Dashboards > Email Performance
Email Settings Settings > Workspace > Email Preferences
Email Templates Templates > Email Templates
Engagement Reports Analytics > Reports > Engagement
Event User Log Settings > Setup and Testing > Event User Log
Feature Flags Messaging > Feature Flags
Global Control (report) Analytics > Reports > Global Control
Global Control Group Settings Audience > Global Control Group
Global Message Settings Settings > Workspace > Frequency Capping Rules
In-App Message Templates Templates > In-App Message Templates
Internal Groups Settings > Setup and Testing > Internal Groups
Link Templates Templates > Email Link Templates
Locations Audience > Locations
Manage Settings Settings > Workspace
Manage Teams Settings > Workspace > Internal Teams
Manage Users Settings > Company > Company Users
Media Library Templates > Media Library
Message Activity Log Settings > Setup and Testing > Message Activity Log
News Feed Messaging > News Feed
Overview Home
Predictions Analytics > Predictions
Preference Center Audience > Subscriptions > Preference Center
Products Data Settings > Products
Promotion Codes Data Settings > Promotion Codes
Push TTL Settings Settings > Workspace > Push Time-To-Live (TTL)
Report Builder Analytics > Reports > Report Builder
Revenue Analytics > Reports > Revenue
Segments Audience > Segments
Segment Extensions Audience > Segment Extensions
Segment Insights Analytics > Reports > Segment Insights
SMS Performance Analytics > Analytics Dashboards > SMS Performance
Subscription Groups Audience > Subscriptions > Subscription Groups
Tags Settings > Workspace > Tag Management
Technology Partners Partner Integrations > Technology Partners
User Import Audience > Import Users
User Search Audience > Search Users
Webhook Templates Templates > Webhook Templates
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