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Searching your Braze dashboard

You can use the search bar to find your work and other information within your Braze dashboard. The search bar is at the top of your Braze dashboard. Click the search bar, or press Ctrl + K on Windows or  + K on a Mac to jump directly to the search bar.

What can you search for?

You can search for the following items and actions:

Key features

Keyboard shortcuts

Navigate through search results effortlessly with keyboard shortcuts:

Action Keyboard shortcut
Open the search menu
  • Mac:  + K
  • Windows: Ctrl + K
Move between search results /
Select a search result Enter
Close the search menu Esc

Content type and status tags

Each search result is paired with tags that indicate the result’s content type (page, campaign, Canvas, segment, email template) and status (active, archived, stopped, etc.).

Access recently opened content

You can revisit recently accessed content from the search menu. The search interface displays your recently opened results below the search bar, including items interacted with throughout the entire Braze platform. This lets you return to previously viewed pages, campaigns, Canvases, segments, or email templates so you can pick up right where you left off with fewer clicks.

Find pages that have been renamed

The search understands synonyms for pages that have been renamed in our updated navigation. For example, it will find “Data Export” when you search for “Currents”, as that page has been renamed.

Filter for archived content

You can include archived content in your search results by selecting Show Archived Content. By default, the toggle is off, and archived content isn’t included.

The "Show Archived Content" toggle.

Search for emojis

Do you use emojis when naming your work in Braze? Search for them! You can use emojis as search queries. 😎

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