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In-app message prep guide

Before you build your in-app messages, you should consider a few of the following topics so building your message is quick and easy.

General considerations

  • If you are building a campaign, how many variants of this message would you like to display? For variant testing ideas, check out Tips for different channels.
  • If you are building a Canvas, will this message be paired with other messaging channels in that step?
  • When would you like your message to expire?

Targeting considerations

  • In-app messages are best for users who regularly visit your app. Are you including this audience?
  • Where do you want your users to see your message? In your Web app? In your mobile app?
  • Which event should trigger this message?
  • Are any of your users using older versions of your app? If so, they might not be able to see some elements of your message.
  • What type of device or devices are you building this message for? Remember, you can preview your message using the Preview box or Test tab. Refer to Testing for more information.

Content considerations

  • Which languages will you be using in this message?
  • What is your header and body copy? Are they eye-catching and relevant to your user?
  • In-app messages only appear for a set amount of time. Is your copy concise and memorable?
  • Will you be using Liquid to add custom copy?
  • For fullscreen in-app messages, is your image or other media within the safe zone?
  • For survey in-app messages, do you want to log attributes or submissions? Have you set up your confirmation page?

Conversion considerations

  • What is your goal for this message? How can you represent that in your message?
  • Do your buttons offer options that make sense to your user? What is your primary call to action?
  • Are you deep linking to other in-app content? Are you using this in-app message to send and accept a permission or push priming request?
  • Do you have a message exit option? If not, you can always copy and paste this snippet to create a quick button:
      <a href="appboy://close">X</a>
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