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Drag & Drop Editor settings

With global style settings, you can personalize the look of your email campaigns and Canvases. You can add and customize a default theme for your Drag & Drop Editor. This includes editing your styles for email titles, text, buttons, and more.

To edit your global style settings, go to the Manage Settings page and select the Email Settings tab. Select Drag & Drop Email Editor Settings.

Basic styling

In the Basic Styling dropdown, you can set your default email and content background colors for your email campaigns and Canvases. You can also select a default font, add a custom font, and edit link colors.

Basic styling options that include options to edit the email and content background colors, default font name, and default link color.

Add a custom font

To add a custom font, click Add a custom font and enter the font’s name and source file URL. For the Font Name field, enter the same font name as your custom font source file. Ensure that the name is capitalized and spaced correctly. Enter the corresponding Font URL. Check that the preview shows your custom font before saving. Click Save to use the custom font as your default email font.

Currently, you can only add one custom font for the global style settings.

Title styling

Here, you can adjust the styles of your email titles by editing the font size, font color, and text alignment. This applies to the main header and secondary header.

Heading styling options for a main header example with the font size set to 34, font color as black, text alignment to center, and text direction as left to right.

Optionally, you can override the default style of your Drag & Drop Editor theme. Click Override default style to apply your choice of title styling. This can include setting a different font and link color.

Text styling

To set a default text style, in the Text Styling dropdown, enter the Font Size and select Font Color to choose a font color from the color picker.

You can also adjust the block styling for the body text by editing the Padding Top, Padding Right, Padding Bottom, and Padding Left values. This will apply to the spacing around all four areas surrounding the text block.

Button styling

In the Button Styling dropdown, you can edit the following defaut styles for the button:

  • Background color
  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Border radius
  • Border color
  • Border weight
  • Button padding

Adjust the block styling for buttons by editing the Padding Top, Padding Right, Padding Bottom, and Padding Left values.

After editing the styles in the Drag & Drop Email editor, click Save. To further customize your email campaigns and Canvases, check out Drag & Drop Editor blocks!

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