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Content calendar

The content calendar offers a high-level overview for your upcoming scheduled campaigns.

You can analyze messaging data, as well as view and manage your scheduled campaigns. To open the calendar, select Messaging > Content Calendar.

Messaging analytics

The messaging analytics section contains two reports for your recent and upcoming scheduled campaigns:

  • Upcoming Message Types: The number of push, email, and in-app messaging campaigns scheduled within the next 14 days.
  • Messages Sent: The number of messages sent and opened within past 14 days.

You can view messaging analytics for a specific day in a report by placing your cursor over that day in the report.

The 'Upcoming Message Types' and 'Messages Sent' graphs within Messaging Analytics.

To download a copy of your data, select Chart context menu, then choose your preferred file format.

Send calendar

The send calendar displays all your scheduled campaigns for the current month.

You can change the month by selecting  See previous month or  See next month. To return to the current month, select Today.

The Send Calendar displaying all scheduled campaigns in the current month.

Each color on the calendar represents a different scheduled campaign type:

  • Red: Single-channel scheduled campaigns.
  • Blue: Multichannel scheduled campaigns.
  • Gold: Stopped campaigns, which are included in the calendar for historical reference.

You can view or modify your campaigns by selecting the campaign in the calendar. For more information, see Managing campaigns.

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