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OneLogin is a cloud identity platform that provides a comprehensive solution for managing user identities. OneLogin integrates with cloud and on-premise applications using SAML 2.0, for Single Sign-On (SSO), user provisioning, multi-factor authentication, and more.


Upon setup, you will be asked to provide a sign-on URL and an Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL.

Requirement Details
Braze Domain You will need your Braze domain to set up Braze within OneLogin. If your instance is US-01, you will need to input your dashboard URL into the OneLogin dashboard.

For example, if your dashboard URL is, you need to input
RelayState API key To enable IdP login, go to Settings > API Keys and create an API key with sso.saml.login permissions.

IdP-initiated login within OneLogin

Step 1: Configure the Braze app

  1. Log into OneLogin. Click on Administration.OneLogin Administration page.

  2. Go to Apps > Add Apps in the top navigation bar. Search for “Braze” and select the Braze app.Search results for Braze in OneLogin.

  3. Save the Braze app to your Company.

  4. When saved, go to Configuration and add your Braze Domain and RelayState API key.OneLogin Configuration tab for the Braze app.

  5. Braze expects the SAML assertions in a specific format. Under Parameters the attributes supported by Braze should be pre-populated. Verify that they are correct.Braze SAML parameters in OneLogin.

  6. Copy the Certificate and SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) needed to set up the Braze dashboard from under the SSO tab.Certificates to copy from the Braze app SSO tab in OneLogin.

Step 2: Configure OneLogin within Braze

Once you have set up Braze within your OneLogin, they will provide a target URL (SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)) and x.509 certificate which you will input into your Braze account.

After your account manager has enabled SAML SSO for your account, go to Settings > Admin Settings > Security Settings and toggle the SAML SSO section to ON

On this page, input the following:

Requirement Details
SAML Name This will appear as the button text on the login screen. This is typically your identity provider’s name, like “OneLogin”.
Target URL This is the SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) URL provided by OneLogin.
Certificate The x.509 PEM encoded certificate is provided by your OneLogin.

Opening Security Settings in Braze and adding SAML SSO details.

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