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2 Ways Generative AI Can Enhance Your Marketing (and Not Replace You!)

Team Braze By Team Braze May 25, 2023

Over the past six months, we’ve seen generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) making headlines all over the world. Tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E provide marketers the ability to create a wealth of copy and images. However, you simply can’t click a button to solve all customer retention concerns. Rather, AI can assist marketers in improving their marketing strategy.

While it may feel like the development of AI occurred overnight, AI has been around for a while now. For instance, Gartner research from 2019 indicates that 37% of businesses employ AI, and those that use it for digital commerce are expected to see 25% improvements in customer satisfaction, revenue, or cost reduction this year. Whether or not you know it, you’ve probably already benefited from tools that AI makes possible. It’s what powers many of the experiences we’ve all come to expect from the brands and products we love. The spam filter that keeps annoying junk out of your inbox? Artificial intelligence. When Amazon recommended trying out a new brand of odor-busting cat litter for your feline friend Buffy? Yep, that’d be AI at work again.

At Braze, we think of this technology as a marketing copilot. While it may not give marketers all the answers and it’s still very much evolving, generative AI can help marketers engage their customers more effectively and unlock unparalleled creativity while saving them more time.

2 Ways Generative AI Within Braze Can Supercharge Your Marketing

1. Automate always-on copywriting tasks.

Writing content can be time-consuming and creatively draining. Whether you’re a marketing team of three or thirty, it can be difficult to come up with several versions of copy to test, especially if you’re carrying out those sorts of tests every day.

Let’s say you’re standing up a new A/B test and need to develop six different subject lines that all tie back to the same initiative. Or you’ve finally locked in your campaign calendar for that month and need to come up with copy that works across push, SMS, and WhatsApp. That’s where our AI Copywriting Assistant comes in handy. Plugged directly into the Braze platform’s message composers and powered by OpenAI’s GPT copy generation tool, think of this tool as your creative copilot to keep the ball rolling whenever you get stuck. You can type in your product name or copy/paste a description into the field and, within moments, receive copy variations that can diversify and spur your creativity as you work.

Braze also has optimization tools designed to make the rest of the testing process smarter and easier. Braze Personalized Variant, an advanced A/B optimization feature, can automatically determine with which variation of content each individual user is most likely to engage. That kind of truly individualized targeting can support more effective personalization and drive up the performance of your messaging campaigns, helping to support better customer relationships and stronger business outcomes.

One caveat: While GPT can convincingly generate copy quickly, its algorithm is trained on the natural language patterns found on sites like Wikipedia—not the integrity of that information. Since GPT language models are still in development, make sure to check for both accuracy and tone before your work goes out the door.

2. Scale up your image library in a fraction of the time.

You’ve got eight campaigns that need to go out the door on Monday, but you’re still waiting on a backlog of creative requests to be filled. Or due to budget constraints, your company's allocation for stock images isn’t stretching as far as you planned. Does any of this sound familiar?

With our AI Image Generator, generating custom images in seconds is easy. This feature leverages OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 to turn simple text descriptions into custom digital assets that you can add to your Braze Media Library immediately. One tip: The more specificity you add to the description around figures, action, or creative style, the more impressive the results.

That said, since this tech is still evolving by the minute, there are a few things to watch out for in order to avoid less-successful image outcomes. DALL-E can sometimes be inconsistent with hands and faces, and text included in an image may be illegible. However, as long as you remember to check that the face has a nose and there are five fingers on each hand, it’s possible to use this feature to create some truly stunning imagery.

Discover What Generative AI Can Do For Your Brand

With features like the Braze platform’s AI Copywriting Assistant and AI Image Generator, teams can spin up a host of creative campaigns more quickly and eliminate the operational roadblocks that might have held them back in the past. Moreover, our platform is built from the ground up to evolve with the latest technological advancements in AI and machine learning.

Curious about how your business saves valuable time and resources using AI? In the years ahead, artificial intelligence will continue radically altering how companies engage with their customers. Because this technology is quickly evolving, Braze will continue to incorporate the latest AI models to enhance your marketing campaigns. For more on what AI will mean for customer engagement going forward and how Braze leverages it within our platform, check out “Everybody Wants to ChatGPT the World.”

Want to learn more about how AI can transform your customer engagement strategy? Register to join the AI in Action: Improve Every Step in the Campaign Lifecycle webinar.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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