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How to Enhance Your Marketing With the Braze AI Image Generator

Team Braze By Team Braze Jun 22, 2023

When marketing agility is a competitive advantage, brands need all the help they can get to advance from idea to action—faster. One tool that’s making a difference for marketers is the Braze AI Image Generator, a solution that quickly produces new creative assets for cross-channel customer engagement campaigns.

Following the summer 2022 debut of the Braze platform’s OpenAI-powered AI Copywriting Assistant, which automates the process of developing marketing copy for campaigns, the Braze AI Image Generator was introduced as part of the Braze 2023 Winter Release, offering similar capabilities for creating campaign imagery on the spot.

It’s already saving savvy marketers time, increasing team efficiencies, reducing organizational bottlenecks, and empowering brands to launch more dynamic messaging experiences. Read on to learn more about this key new feature.

What Is the Braze AI Image Generator?

The Braze AI Image Generator empowers marketers to immediately create art for campaigns with no wait time required. Braze customers simply provide a short description (300 characters or less) of the image they’d like to be created, just like when filling out a creative brief request or when searching for stock images, and voilà, a variety of new image choices will be generated. Marketers who submit specific details can get impressive results—and get them in a lot less time and with a lot fewer resources than it usually takes to secure new creative assets using design resources or a stock image platform.

To see just what the tool is capable of, here are some real images Braze customers have come up with using the Braze AI Image Generator.

An image for a holiday campaign for KFC South Africa created using AI

An image for the Klarify allergy app’s pollen, weather, and air quality updates generated using AI

Key Benefits of the Braze AI Image Generator

Effective customer engagement strategies have the power to drive conversions and revenue, and increase lifetime value (LTV), but they also require having creative resources at the ready to deliver impactful and meaningful campaigns. In tandem with the Braze AI Copywriting Assistant, the Braze AI Image Generator can help teams:

  1. Save time and money when producing new creative assets, compared to using stock image platforms to search for and purchase images or relying on (often scarce) in-house creative resources to fulfill requests.

  2. Come up with fresh and completely original creative for customer engagement campaigns across ads, SMS, email marketing, push, in-app messaging, and direct mail.

  3. Launch A/B and multivariate tests faster than ever by developing new creative variants in the moment that can then be tested with customers.

  4. Increase agility, and adapt to emerging trends in customer behavior without needing to navigate bottlenecks in connection with the development of new creative.

  5. Spend your time where it will be most valuable!

How Does Braze AI Image Generator Work?

Backed by OpenAI’s DALL·E 2, a platform designed to create original images based on natural language descriptions, the Braze AI Image Generator is fully integrated into the Braze Media Library.

To get started generating an image using AI within Braze, simply:

  1. Navigate to the Media Library.

  2. Click AI Image Generator.

  3. Provide a description (up to 300 characters long) of the image you’d like to be created; keep in mind that the more details you provide, the more likely it is that you’ll get a design output that fits your needs.

  4. Click “Generate Images” and wait for your artwork to be produced. This usually takes about a minute.

  5. Select the images you like and add them to your Media Library in Braze.

Congratulations, you’re done! Now these images are ready to be added to any Braze message or campaign. If you’d like to create more assets, simply repeat the steps above.

Daily limits: Images can be generated a maximum of 10 times per day (that’s across all Braze users within a given company).

Copyright considerations: Any images created within Braze using DALL·E 2 will remain the intellectual property of the company that generates the assets. Braze will not assert any claims of copyright ownership of these images and makes no warranty of any kind with respect to any AI-generated content or images.

Use Cases for Braze AI Image Generator

Need images for a new cross-channel customer engagement campaign or to update an existing one? Let the Braze AI Image Generator do the work for you. This multipurpose tool is ready to be put to use to develop art for:

  1. Advertising campaigns

  2. Email marketing campaigns

  3. Rich push notifications

  4. Rich SMS campaigns

  5. In-app and in-browser messaging

  6. Direct mail campaigns

Final Thoughts

The Braze AI Image Generator can enable marketers to develop creative for customer engagement campaigns in the moment, speeding up the time to launch. To learn more about our AI features, check out how our AI Copywriting Assistant can help unlock your creative potential.

Want to learn more about how AI can transform your customer engagement strategy? Register to join the AI in Action: Improve Every Step in the Campaign Lifecycle webinar.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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