Be Absolutely Engaging.™

Data activation

Collect, unify, and activate any amount of data from anywhere—without complicated processes or unnecessary technologies.

Build stronger customer relationships with first-party data.

Integrate with speed and flexibility

Get up and running fast with the customer engagement platform that directly integrates with your data warehouse, digital properties, backend systems, and other software investments.

Build comprehensive user profiles

Gain a holistic view of every customer’s activity and preferences so you and your teammates can operate in unison to drive meaningful customer engagement.

Personalize in real time

Immediately take action on your data to build precise audiences, trigger journeys, personalize messages, and sync data to other systems—all without needing support from technical resources.

Scale securely and maintain compliance

Trust the enterprise-grade platform you'll never outgrow. We keep your data safe, scale to match your growth, and are there for you on the busiest days of the year.

Integrate with speed and flexibility

Integrate data from any source.

Direct connection to your data warehouse

Directly sync and manage customer and brand data from your source of truth—Amazon Redshift, Databricks, Google BigQuery, or Snowflake.

Easy data transformations

Use pre-configured webhooks, AI-generated code, and custom field mapping to integrate Braze with any software.

Customizable integrations

Connect Braze to your digital properties, backend systems, and other software with lightweight SDKs and modern APIs.

"Braze's Data Transformation feature has helped our marketing team better understand and act on customer information from other platforms, allowing us to better segment and communicate with them and provide a more personalized experience."

Kate Chamberlain Sr Manager, CRM and PromotionsSimpliSafe

Integrate with speed and flexibility

Maximize the value of your tech stack.

Customer data management partners

Keep all of your systems and teams in sync by sending data to and from your data warehouse or customer data platform.

Analytics partners

Continuously stream customer engagement and behavior data from Braze to your business intelligence and data visualization tools for deeper analysis.

Paid media partners

Use first-party Braze data to dynamically target, trigger, or suppress paid ads across Criteo, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok.

100+ other turnkey partner integrations

Tap into our extensive partner network to activate eCommerce, loyalty, personalization, order management and more data—all with ultra-low latency.

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Build comprehensive user profiles

Reach the right audience.

Flexible audience segmentation

Tap into 100+ out-of-box filters or use plain text prompts to build audience segments that are primed to engage—all without needing your technical team.

Identity management

Quickly and confidently merge and join customer records based on key identifiers like email address, phone numbers, and custom IDs.

Anonymous user engagement

Understand the behavior and preferences of previously unknown users, opening the opportunity to convert first time visitors into loyal customers.

71% increase in customer retention using smart segmentation.

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Personalize in real time

Personalize every interaction.

Real time triggers

Automatically trigger journeys and messaging based on sub-second customer behaviors and cross-channel interactions.

Flexible, dynamic content personalization

Easily enrich your messages with relevant, brand-specific Catalog data or pull custom content into messages at send-time using APIs.

AI recommendations

Drive better outcomes by highlighting personalized items based on each customer’s behavior and purchase history.

250% lift in conversion rates using personalized recommendations

Scale securely and maintain compliance

Grow with confidence.

Performance at scale

Integrate, process, and activate large data volumes with sub-second latency to ensure your messages get sent—even on your busiest days.

World-class data security and compliance

We take data privacy and security seriously—for our organization, our customers, and our customers’ customers. Braze has ISO27001 and Type 2 SOC 2 certifications, and is materially compliant with HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR.

Case Studies

21 Million

Messages sent in a single minute on Black Friday

25 Billion

API calls on Black Friday

Are you a channel short and a dollar late?

Braze operates with sub-second latency—not batch-and-blast—so you can generate the right engagement in the right moment to yield the most valuable results.