In-App Messages: What They Are, How They Work, and Why They Matter


In our connected world, every screen is a window of opportunity to engage with your customers. Looking for the best way to keep the conversation going? Look no further than in-app messages, the most effective channel for customer engagement.

According to Braze research, users who receive in-app messages have +131% higher engagement rates than those that receive no messages. Learn how to get it right (and what pitfalls to avoid) from in our exclusive In-App Messages guide.

Download the guide now to discover:

  • The 7 powerful in-app message opportunities every brand should take advantage of to increase customer engagement
  • The 4 types of in-app messages and how best to leverage them to connect with your customers directly where they are
  • Best practices for enhancing the customer journey across channels with action- and location-based experiences, gamification, retargeting campaigns, and more!


Today’s top global brands are sending tens of billions of messages per month to over 5.5+ billion monthly active users (MAU) with Braze.