Be Absolutely Engaging.™

Reporting and analytics

Uncover insights, analyze performance, and find winning strategies across the customer journey.

See how customer engagement is moving the needle for your brand.

Measure journey performance

Gain a holistic view of your customer and improve performance on every channel.

Easily report business impact

See how your efforts drive incremental conversions, revenue, retention, and other key business metrics.

Gain deeper engagement insights

Uncover interesting insights with flexible tools that enable you to get answers fast and double down on winning strategies.

Visualize engagement across the customer journey.

Measure journey performance

Uncover success across channels at a glance.

Campaign and journey engagement

Track sends, opens, clicks, impressions, unsubscribes, revenue, and other conversion rates effortlessly.

Holistic channel engagement

View and compare performance across channels, track trends, and monitor key metrics all in one place.

Audience growth dashboards

Understand how your mobile, email, and web audiences are growing every month, quarter, and year.

Braze insights and reporting helped Viber to implement highly impactful changes that lifted conversions 50%

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Easily report business impact

Track your key business metrics.

Custom conversion analysis

Measure the impact of your campaigns and journeys on key conversions with a customizable dashboard that can be sliced and diced based on channel and last touch attribution.

Funnel drop-off reporting

Identify where drop off is occurring in your funnel and take action to fix any leaky bucket.

Impact reporting

Show how your overall customer engagement efforts have driven incremental conversions using global holdout groups.

Retention reporting

Understand how your campaigns and journeys keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

Gain deeper engagement insights

Deeply understand your customers.

Unified view of your customers

Unify first-party data from any source to understand and act on real-time and historical preferences, behaviors, conversion likelihood, and interactions across channels.

Predictive customer insights

Identify, target and engage customers based on their likelihood to purchase or perform any other high value action.

Flexible audience segmentation

Tap into 100+ out-of-box filters or use plain text prompts to build audience segments that are primed to engage—all without needing your technical team.

71% increase in customer retention using smart segmentation.

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Gain deeper engagement insights

Find the answers to all your customer engagement questions.

Fast and flexible SQL reporting

Use generative AI to build SQL reports and unlock granular insights from plain text prompts.

Customizable report builder

Compare the impact of multiple campaigns or journeys in one view to pinpoint top-performing strategies.

Variant analysis

Find winning channel combinations, timing, message copy, creative, and more.

Analytics partner integrations

Continuously stream customer engagement and behavior data from Braze to your business intelligence and data visualization tools for deeper analysis.

Taxfix Improves Deliverability, Conversions, and Scalability while saving time analyzing data in Braze

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Case Studies

Are you a channel short and a dollar late?

Braze operates with sub-second latency—not batch-and-blast—so you can generate the right engagement in the right moment to yield the most valuable results.