Be Absolutely Engaging.™

Create WhatsApp conversations that convert.

Build personal connections with customers on the world’s most popular 1:1 messaging app, thanks to native support for WhatsApp in Braze.

Spark up a conversation where the world chats.

Boost conversions

Send rich, dynamic two-way messages that capture attention and drive action.

Break down channel silos

Save time and money by unifying WhatsApp and every other digital channel under one centralized platform.

Integrate and scale with ease

Easily manage your WhatsApp program and expand your global reach to over 2B+ active users.

Drive deeper engagement

Target your mobile-first customers with real-time conversations that build relationships.

Boost conversions

Create rich, engaging WhatsApp messages.

Dynamic personalization

Create tailored WhatsApp campaigns with content that reflects your customers’ preferences and behaviors. Easily embed recommendations, promotions, loyalty points, alerts, and more.

Attention-grabbing content

Capture your customers' attention by sending messages with rich imagery, quick reply buttons, and dynamic calls-to-action.

Real-time triggers

Connect in the moments that matter. Trigger campaigns and user journeys based on real-time customer behaviors, campaign interactions, and backend updates.

Comprehensive experimentation

Optimize for conversions. Send the WhatsApp campaign that’s most likely to convert by leveraging robust A/B testing and automated, real-time optimization. 

Drive deeper engagement

Connect with the right mobile customers.

Complete view of every customer

Understand and act on your rich zero- and first-party data. Send targeted WhatsApp messages based on your customers’ preferences, behaviors, and cross-channel interactions.  

Flexible segmentation

Fine-tune your audiences. Target customers who are most likely to convert with real-time granular segments and filters.

Rappi drives an 80% increase in purchases by leveraging WhatsApp to reach active and lapsed users

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Drive deeper engagement

Orchestrate conversations in real time.

Dynamic two-way messaging

Easily build and visualize two-way WhatsApp conversations. Use our intuitive journey builder tool to quickly set up messages and non-templated responses.

Real-time engagement

Keep the conversation going. Instantly process messages and quick replies from your customers to send responses in real-time.

Break down channel silos

Optimize spend across WhatsApp and other channels.

Channel consolidation

Eliminate point solutions and channel silos. Optimize marketing spend by pairing WhatsApp with other conversion-driving channels, including email, push, in-app messages, and more.

Cross-channel journey orchestration

Create customer-centric experiences. Build seamless journeys that span across WhatsApp and other key engagement channels. 

Dynamic ad integrations

Reduce paid ad waste by connecting your owned and paid channels. Dynamically suppress ads the instant a customer converts on WhatsApp or any other channel.

Cross-channel performance insights

Double down on high-performing strategies. Leverage campaign-level, WhatsApp program-level, and cross-channel reporting to make data-driven decisions that maximize revenue.

Styli increases ROI by 50% by sending personalized cross-channel campaigns, including WhatsApp

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Integrate and scale with ease

Expand your reach quickly.

Fast and direct integration

Eliminate third-party senders and intermediaries. Get started quickly with our intuitive set up and manage your program directly between Braze and WhatsApp.

Guided WhatsApp onboarding

Partner with WhatsApp experts. Build and expand your WhatsApp program with our high-touch onboarding process and implement best practices with guidance from our dedicated team of WhatsApp experts.

Ready-to-use list growth tools

Rapidly grow your subscriber list. Leverage our no-code phone number capture form to build a highly engaged list of WhatsApp subscribers.

Platform stability

Scale your WhatsApp program reliably. Expand your use cases, audience sizes, and message volumes with a platform engineered to handle any global scale.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world with over 2 billion monthly active users.

Case Studies

Are you a channel short and a dollar late?

Braze operates with sub-second latency—not batch-and-blast—so you can generate the right engagement in the right moment to yield the most valuable results.