Build 1:1 connections at scale with real-time, two-way messaging

See how WhatsApp can help your brand drive deeper engagement and higher conversions

Expand Your Reach

Quickly scale your mobile conversations using a powerful, intuitive platform.

  • Integrate with ease: Create your WhatsApp Business Account in minutes and manage the channel within Braze, an official Business Solution Provider.

  • Streamline campaign creation: Build, preview, and send WhatsApp messages via a marketer-friendly composer.

  • Apply rich, interactive elements: Boost engagement by inserting images, quick reply buttons, and interactive calls-to-action.

Improve Engagement and Conversions

Increase ROI with personalized and dynamic campaigns designed to convert.

  • Build two-way messaging flows: Use Canvas Flow, our journey orchestration tool, to create dynamic brand conversations with customers.

  • Get personal: Tap into advanced segmentation, dynamic content personalization, and AI to serve the right message to the right customer at the right time.

  • Connect the dots: Orchestrate mobile messaging at all stages of the customer lifecycle—from activation to retention, and every moment in between.

Consolidate Marketing to Optimize Spend

Save costs by centralizing WhatsApp and all other channels into one customer engagement platform.

  • Unify your marketing channels: Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp into your marketing mix, reducing reliance on point solutions and redundant intermediary technologies.

  • Reach customers more efficiently: Connect with customers on the most cost-effective owned channels.

  • Reduce acquisition costs: Optimize paid media or social spend by immediately suppressing ads the instant a customer converts on WhatsApp or any other touchpoint.

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