Be Absolutely Engaging.™

See what relevant mobile app messaging can do for your brand.

Coordinate personalized and contextually relevant mobile messages from one central platform.

Drive deeper engagement on mobile.

Maximize mobile revenue

Drive revenue by delivering value to a bigger and more engaged mobile audience.

Break down channel silos

No more point solutions. Bring all your mobile channels together in one place.

Build first-party relationships

Reliably grow and reach your mobile audience with trusted data in a changing privacy landscape.

Impress in every message

Transform the mobile app into a key engagement tool through outstanding app experiences.

Build first-party relationships

Get to know your mobile audience.

First-party view of every user

Unify first-party data from any source to understand and act on real-time and historical preferences, behaviors, conversion likelihood, and interactions across channels.

Data straight from the source

Enhance the user profile with rich, zero-party data on user preferences, contact info, feedback, and more. Out-of-the-box in-app survey templates make it easy to capture this information directly from users.

Data-driven segmentation

Build any audience you can imagine. Tap into 100+ ready-to-use segmentation filters to reach the right users every time.

Max reduced churn by 15% by personalizing campaigns with zero-party customer data

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Impress in every message

Create enhanced mobile experiences that amaze customers.

In-app messaging

Capture customer attention with interactive messages delivered right in the app. This flexible channel can be used to engage users across the lifecycle, from onboarding flows to surveys to continue-your-streak campaigns.

Content Cards

Engage users without interrupting or swiping away. Content Cards are persistent messages embedded right in the app interface, usually as personalized in-app inboxes, carousels, or banners.

Feature Flags

Toggle on new app features and experiences for specific audiences, and drive feature adoption by coordinating new releases with messaging.

Hinge drives 200% higher app engagement with in-app messages

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Break down channel silos

Engage users beyond your app.

Mobile push notifications

Bring users back into the app with time-sensitive, catchy messages that attract attention and drive action.

iOS Live Activities

Display persistent, real-time updates right on the iPhone Lock Screen to keep users in the loop on on-demand delivery orders, sporting events, election results, and other live events.

Every channel in one place

Follow customers wherever they go. Start building your customer engagement strategy with mobile and expand over time to meet your customers on email, web, TV, paid channels, and more.

Ranked #1 in G2's Push Notification Grid, ahead of 41 competitors, we maintain our top spot as the category grows. With extensive user reviews and market presence data, Braze stands as the definitive choice for your push notification needs.

Impress in every message

Create, customize, and launch mobile messages in minutes.

Easy drag-and-drop editing

Drag and drop for no-code simplicity, or write your own code for ultimate customization--the choice is yours! Stay on brand by adding custom fonts, colors, and other styles.

Ready-to-use templates

Choose from a library of pre-built message templates, or create and save your own branded templates.

Custom content with generative AI

Kickstart the copywriting, image generation, and QA process with AI-powered inspiration.

Comprehensive experimentation

Easily test and optimize every part of your mobile strategy—from images to copy and everything in between—to uncover what works.

Maximize mobile revenue

Let context guide mobile interactions.

Real-time triggers

Automatically trigger mobile messages based on real-time customer behaviors, interactions, and updates happening within your tech stack.

Dynamic personalization

Add real-time recommendations, content, promotions, and more into mobile messages to give every user the information that’s most useful to them.

Location-based targeting

Engage users with relevant messages that are targeted and triggered based on their locations in the real world.

AI-powered optimization

Automatically optimize mobile journeys by sending users messages on their preferred channels at their preferred times.

Case Studies


Mobile push and in-app messages sent over Black Friday to Cyber Monday in 2023 with 99.99% uptime

Are you a channel short and a dollar late?

Braze operates with sub-second latency—not batch-and-blast—so you can generate the right engagement in the right moment to yield the most valuable results.