Be Absolutely Engaging.™

Testing and experimentation

Create amazing experiences for your customers and maximize results for your brand with powerful yet accessible experimentation.

Fine-tune every part of the customer journey.

Quickly test your ideas

Test your creative content, channel mix, and entire customer journeys in a click of a button.

Deliver content that converts

Create differentiated, relevant messaging at scale with a modern experimentation engine that helps you determine what messaging will resonate most with each individual.

Optimize results with AI

Use Sage AI by Braze to find the winning variants and automatically shift customers to the journey, path, or message that will drive the highest engagement and conversions.

Quickly test your ideas

Sophisticated experimentation in a single click

Endless testing possibilities

Test and optimize message content, timing, promotions, and more to ensure you are getting the most out of your messaging.  

Optimized channel mix

Test on any Braze channel, or combination of channels, to find the most optimal solution.

Intuitive and accessible

Hypothesize, test, and learn without reliance on engineers or third parties.

“With Braze, we were able to easily and efficiently experiment with SMS. It enabled us to directly reach our most and least engaged customers which drove higher engagement.”

Sophia Flaskos E-Commerce Brand Manager at KFC Australia
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Every customer is different.
Their experiences should be, too.

Deliver content that converts

Winning content for each individual.

Personalized campaign variants

Find the message copy and content that resonates most with each individual user. 

Personalized journey variants

Send customers down the optimal journey path based on their personal preferences and attributes.

7.5% increase in Open Rates from Campaigns that use Personalized Variant over normal winning campaigns.

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Optimize with AI

Impactful customer experiences

Next-best action

Use AI automation to automatically adapt your engagement strategies based on the winning variant.

Real-time data

Create a real-time feedback loop that allows you to continually improve your campaigns and customer journeys based on customers' most recent actions.

Experimentation at scale

Take the guesswork out of experimentation with AI-backed automation that can optimize journeys for all of your customers—no matter the scale.

Freeletics used A/B testing and automation to increase Black Friday campaign conversions 200%

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Are you a channel short and a dollar late?

Braze operates with sub-second latency—not batch-and-blast—so you can generate the right engagement in the right moment to yield the most valuable results.