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Make AI Work for You with Braze Predictive Suite, AI Copywriting Assistant, and Personalized Variant

Team Braze By Team Braze Dec 13, 2022

Our AI-backed platform makes it possible to predict customer behavior, automatically generate impactful message copy, and optimize customer engagement efforts for individual users based on their unique engagement.

At FORGE 2022, our annual customer engagement conference, we did a deep dive into the key features of the AI-powered Braze Predictive Suite, AI Copywriting Assistant, and Personalized Variant within the Braze platform and connected with Marlie Vermeeren, CRM Manager at 8fit, now part of Withings, to see how using Braze technology has helped her brand grow conversions more efficiently.

4 Ways to Make AI Work for You with the Braze Predictive Suite, AI Copywriting Assistant, and Personalized Variant

#1: Do more with your data

The Braze Predictive Suite uses machine learning to identify and score customers based on their likelihood to take—or not take—a future action, such as make a purchase or churn, enabling brands to proactively reach the right customers with targeted campaigns.

#2: Go from insights to action, faster

The Braze Predictive Suite surfaces key insights about expected customer outcomes so that marketers can intervene in a more contextually relevant way to proactively engage, convert, and retain their customers. Plus, predictions are natively available to use in orchestration tools, like Braze Canvas Flow, making it easy for marketers to take action in the moment.

#3: Automate copywriting tasks

Find inspiration and efficiency with the AI Copywriting Assistant. Simply type in your product name or description to get fresh copy options for messages on any channel, or quickly generate several versions of a message to easily A/B test in a campaign.

#4: Connect with every customer

In the past, brands optimized their campaigns for general audiences. Now, using Braze Personalized Variant, an advanced A/B testing optimization feature that sends the campaign variant that is most likely to engage each individual, brands can take a more personalized approach to campaign optimization. The result: more engagement and more conversions, simply by clicking a button in an A/B test.

How Subscription-Based Fitness and Nutrition Platform 8fit Drives Growth with the Braze Predictive Suite

8fit had two key objectives: The team wanted to convert more freemium users to paid subscribers while also reducing the volume of messages they sent to users on an ongoing basis. To achieve these goals, the brand leveraged the Braze Predictive Suite to identify which users were most likely to make a purchase and assign a low, medium, and high purchase likelihood score to each user. The team then created more personalized promotions targeted at each of these groups to increase conversions.

“We were thinking of building a similar model in house, but then Braze came out with the feature and we decided to try this first, and so we were able to save on developers’ time and resources and it also gave us new insights about our customers and how to build a better promotion strategy,” says Marlie.

In one A/B test the company conducted, they saw that conversions were nearly 4X higher for users with a high probability of purchasing compared with a randomly selected cohort of users of the same size. Another test found that by increasing the relevancy and efficiency of the brand’s campaigns, 8fit was able to slash the number of emails sent per week by 100K, without adversely impacting conversions.

What’s Next for AI and ML and Marketing?

Get our take on the Future of Predictive Marketing and find out how artificial intelligence will shape marketing in the years to come and influence how brands engage with customers.

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Team Braze

Team Braze

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