Be Absolutely Engaging.™

Convert visitors to customers with web messaging.

Drive engagement and conversions on your website by tailoring web messaging to each visitor’s unique preferences, attributes, and behaviors.

Engage and monetize visitors with personalized web experiences.

Boost online sales

Drive revenue by turning casual browsers into paying, repeat customers.

Simplify your stack

Break web out of its silo with an all-in-one customer engagement platform.

Build first-party relationships

Reliably grow and reach your web audience as third-party cookies phase out.

Design and test effortlessly

Create, customize, and launch web experiences with ease.

Build first-party relationships

Get to know your future customers.

Complete view of every visitor

Bring all of your customer data together to understand real-time and historical preferences, behaviors, conversion likelihood, and interactions across platforms and channels.

Anonymous visitor engagement

Get to know visitors by capturing zero-party data around preferences, feedback, and more. Out-of-the-box in-browser survey templates make it easy to capture zero-party data directly from website visitors.

Flexible segmentation

Leverage 100+ out-of-the-box filters to build the right audience for every message.

Boost online sales

Drive on-site conversions with cross-channel messages.

In-browser messaging

Grab attention with interactive messages delivered right on the website. This flexible channel can be used to engage users across the lifecycle, from onboarding flows to surveys to special promotions.

Content Cards

Engage users without interrupting or swiping away. Content Cards are persistent messages embedded right in the website interface, usually as personalized message inboxes, carousels, or banners.

Feature Flags

Toggle on new website features and experiences for specific audiences, and drive feature adoption by coordinating new releases with web messaging.

Splice increases trial to paid conversions by 11% with Content Cards on their website

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Simplify your stack

Keep the conversation going after they leave your site.

Contact capture templates

Not sure where to reach users next? Ask them! Customizable email and phone capture templates make it easy to collect the information you need to reach users on other channels.

Web push notifications

Bring users back to the website to take advantage of a new promotion, finish checking out, catch the latest content, and more with time-sensitive, catchy web push notifications.

Channels beyond the web

Create personal experiences for your customers across all the platforms and channels they use from a single drag-and-drop journey orchestration tool.

Boost online sales

Recommend content and products they’ll love.

Real-time triggers

Automatically trigger web messages when a visitor makes a purchase, abandons a cart, or takes any other action on any platform or channel.

Dynamic personalization

Add real-time recommendations, content, promotions, and more into web messages to give each customer the information that’s most useful to them.

AI-powered optimization

Automatically optimize web journeys by sending users messages on their preferred channels at their preferred times.

Design and test effortlessly

Design custom web messages in no time.

Simple, drag-and-drop editing

Drag and drop for no-code simplicity, or write your own code for ultimate customization--the choice is yours! Stay on brand by adding custom fonts, colors, and other styles.

Out-of-the-box templates

Choose from a library of pre-built in-browser message templates, or create and save your own branded templates.

Generative AI content creation

Kickstart the copywriting, image generation, and QA process with AI inspiration.

Intuitive experimentation

Easily test and optimize every part of your web strategy—from images to copy and everything in between.

Case Studies

Are you a channel short and a dollar late?

Braze operates with sub-second latency—not batch-and-blast—so you can generate the right engagement in the right moment to yield the most valuable results.