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Honor Every Customer’s Outreach Preferences: Introducing Intelligent Channel

Boris Revechkis By Boris Revechkis Feb 7, 2020

Every time a customer interacts with your product or app, it’s an opportunity to learn what they like, what they don’t like, and how your brand can connect with them more effectively. While these tiny pieces of information can seem like they’re of little importance on their own, together they form a valuable wealth of data that businesses can use to provide more personalized and meaningful experiences to their customers.

To support better customer messaging, Braze is pleased to announce a new addition to our Intelligence Suite: Intelligent Channel. This new audience filter makes it easier for marketing, growth, and engagement teams to ensure that they’re contacting each customer via their preferred engagement channel, as determined by their past engagement behavior.

In an increasingly cross-channel world, Intelligent Channel helps brands weigh the available channels against each other and pick the ideal one on a per-customer basis. By leveraging this new audience filter, brands can:

Make Data-Informed Decisions

With Intelligent Channel, brands can automatically leverage the channel that has the best engagement track record with each user, removing marketer bias for or against particular channels from the equation and ensuring that channel selection is being informed by the available data. Using this new feature, brands can make it more likely that their customers engage and take action while also honoring users’ individual preferences.

Reduce Wasted Touchpoints

Intelligent Channels provides brands with insights that can cut down on the number of wasted customer touchpoints while still accomplishing important business goals. Save your customers the headache of simultaneously receiving identical notifications on their phones, laptops, and in their email inboxes by using this filter to reliably create a long-lasting and valuable connection with customers. In the long term, brands will be able to leverage their data appropriately to reduce messaging fatigue, potential churn, and even save money on email volumes.

Effectively Reach Your Audience

Being data-informed is a best practice, but so is being realistic about what’s possible with the data at hand. In order to ensure that this audience filter has enough data to work with, a brand needs to reach out to customers regularly across the available channels—otherwise, Intelligent Channel won’t be able to draw conclusions on what channel is most impactful, due to insufficient data. After all, to have a preference, your customers first need a choice. To ensure that brands can make strategic decisions about when to deploy this filter, we’ve included a “Not Enough Data” setting that allows marketers to control how they reach customers that haven’t signaled a clear preference.

Final Thoughts

Great customer engagement comes with understanding your users’ preferences and leveraging data, technology, and effective cross-team collaboration to honor those preferences. With the launch of Intelligent Channel, brands can add an additional layer of customization when reaching out to members of their audiences. Together with message personalization, segmentation, and send-time optimization, this new filter helps to ensure that you’re always speaking to your customers in a way that works best for them.

To learn more about Intelligent and other segmentation filters, check out our exclusive overview, broken out by category.

Boris Revechkis

Boris Revechkis

Boris manages the AI and machine learning & Intelligence Suite products of Braze. In his past life as a computational neuroscientist, Boris built interfaces to allow people’s neurons to control virtual reality.

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