Be Absolutely Engaging.™

Cross-channel Messaging

Consolidate your messaging mix and meet customers where they are with consistent, responsive experiences.

If you're not on every channel, you're leaving money on the table.

Expand your reach

Grow your audience, capture attention, and create more opportunities for engagement across channels, platforms, and devices.

Break down silos

Say goodbye to limited point solutions and hello to increased agility, conversions, and cost savings.

Scale without compromise

Easily add new channels over time, maintain compliance, and ramp message volumes on the busiest days of your year.

Deliver compelling conversations

No matter the channel, make every customer experience feel cohesive, highly responsive, and interactive.

Expand your reach

Meet customers where
they are.

Every channel at your fingertips

Engage your customers across email, SMS, mobile, web, paid media, and more.

Intelligent channel delivery

Reach customers on the channel they’re most likely to engage with based on past interactions.

Flexible channel experimentation

Use A/B testing to find out which channel or channel mix works best for a particular campaign or customer experience.

“Braze gives us the capability to reach the user at the right time with the right channel, with personalized content to be relevant.”

Juan Fiore CRM Automation Manager, Rappi

Break down silos

Bring all your channels together.

Channel consolidation

Eliminate redundancy, sprawl, and channel silos by consolidating customer engagement into a single, purpose-built solution.

Unified marketing workflow

Move quickly from ideation to execution to launch without having to switch between multiple different channel-specific platforms.

Cross-channel visibility

Maintain a comprehensive, cross-channel view of the customer and customer engagement performance.

$150k savings from eliminated point solutions

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Scale without compromise

Optimize your channel mix for greater ROI.

Channel segmentation by cost

Allocate higher send volumes towards lower-cost, conversion-driving channels before sending on more premium channels.

Channel frequency capping

Avoid over-sending by setting custom rules that limit the number of messages deployed on or across channels.

Dynamic ad integrations

Reduce paid ad waste by connecting your owned and paid channels. Dynamically suppress acquisition and retargeting ads the instant a customer converts.

300% Increase in revenue from consolidated cross-channel messaging.

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Break down silos

Create compelling messages fast on any channel.

Easy, drag-and-drop editing

Quickly compose on-brand messages in minutes using visual editors across channels.

Ready-to-use templates

Use pre-built templates, custom content blocks, and other reusable content or design elements to save time.

Custom content with generative AI

Kickstart the copywriting, image generation, and content QA process with Sage AI by Braze.

Dynamic content personalization

Easily embed products, content, promotions, recommendations, and more into cross-channel messages.

25% reduction in campaign execution time.

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Scale without compromise

Reduce risk as you grow.

Reliability at scale

Performance you can trust—no matter how fast and intricate your audience, channel mix, campaigns, and journeys grow.

Channel expansion

Easily add new channels over time without slowing down your workflow, adding resources, or having to learn a whole new platform.

Deliverability management

Stay compliant and keep your subscriber lists clean with everything you need to understand preferences, manage subscription statuses, process opt-ins and opt-outs; and maintain strong deliverability.

Increased weekly send volumes from 30M to 50M while maintaining 99% deliverability

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Deliver compelling conversations

Stay connected across channels.

In-the-moment orchestration

Let context from real-time customer behaviors and cross-channel interactions dictate your next best action, offer, or message.

Consistency across channels

Blend out-of-product and in-product messaging to deliver promotional, lifecycle, and transactional experiences that feel cohesive and frictionless.

Interactive experiences

Spark up a conversation. Create engaging experiences using two-way messaging, surveys, quick replies, and other interactive elements.

6x more engagement with an interactive, cross-channel campaign

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Case Studies

Braze is a Leader in Cross-Channel Marketing Hubs


Increase in LTV when customers bled in-product and out-of-product messaging

Are you a channel short and a dollar late?

Braze operates with sub-second latency—not batch-and-blast—so you can generate the right engagement in the right moment to yield the most valuable results.