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Real-Time, Data-Based Insights: Reimagining the Braze Intelligence Suite

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the Braze Intelligence Suite. It’s a major milestone, and also the perfect opportunity to take stock of this powerful element of the Braze platform. In that spirit, we spoke to Kevin Wang, Braze VP, Product, about the history of the Intelligence Suite, how it provides real value to brands, and the ways in which Braze is reassessing how we talk about the suite’s key components.


How Overstock Used Braze to Boost Engagement with Personalized, Real-Time Messaging

In today’s fast-moving retail and eCommerce landscape, it can be helpful to learn by example—and few brands provide a better example to follow than Overstock.com. Check out how they boosted conversion rates to 21% and open rates to 38%, which is 3x higher than the industry average.


How Deliveroo and Trainline Achieve Empathy at Scale Through Brand Humanity

In a nutshell, there are emotional and functional attributes that contribute to what it takes for a brand experience to feel human to a consumer—the feelings your brand communications evoke, plus what your brand can do (the functional attributes) to drive that human perception. But how are brands achieving this?


Humanized Marketing: Connecting With Customers on a Personal Level

Human relationships are dynamic and ever-changing; your customer engagement strategy should be, too. With that in mind, let’s take a look at three things you should consider when your brand is looking to engage with audiences on a human level.

The Channels Issue

How BlaBlaCar Used Smart Testing to Boost Open Rates by Up to 24%

For BlaBlaCar, their optimization process began with a clear goal. The company wanted to reach its customers as effectively as possible via email while also maximizing its email open rates. BlaBlaCar’s clarity about what metrics mattered for its business and where it wanted to see improvement made it easier for its marketers to determine where to focus (and, eventually, what to test).


Braze Awarded Looker’s 2019 Best Platform Solution at the 2019 JOIN Conference

At Braze, we strive to provide best-in-class technology that allows our customers to quickly and effectively use that data—and partnering with best-in-class data visualization platform Looker is a key part of that effort. Whether you need to improve time-to-action, drive data adoption across teams, or create actionable customer segments, the Looker and Braze platforms work seamlessly to identify and address your data needs.