The Unlock: Why customer engagement is the key to effective marketing


Mariam Asmar
VP, Strategic Consulting, Braze
Spencer Burke
SVP, Growth, Braze

If you’re using the term “CRM” or “database marketing” to describe your customer engagement strategy, you might be late to the party.

Customer engagement is so much more than sending messages–it’s a craft that brings together diverse skill sets, agile ways of working, and bold experimentation to provide deeper relevance and value for consumers.

In under 20 minutes (yep, you read that right), Braze leaders Mariam Asmar, VP, Strategic Consulting and Spencer Burke, SVP, Growth, will share their fresh perspectives on the changing landscape of customer engagement, including:

  • Then and now: how customer engagement has evolved and why it matters now more than ever in the AI frenzy

  • Data: why this remains an issue for organizations and why leadership needs to step in

  • Where CX is going: how to consider new channels and unify the experience

Bring your questions for our engagement experts and walk away with a list of to-dos for your own brand. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and reap the rewards of effectiveness.


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