Our Purpose in Technical Support

Our purpose in the Technical Support team is to diagnose and resolve customer problems. We strive to create a support experience so exceptional it builds lasting relationships with all of our customers. We do this by providing positive and memorable support interactions through a knowledgeable and engaged team, and by taking ownership and responsibility for resolving technical issues.

Get to know some of our support superstars

Technical Support teams are only as good as their people. We are the kind of people who genuinely want to help others, solve puzzles, lend an ear, and teach what we know, all with empathy and patience.

Franceska Musat

Franceska's journey at Braze began after spending several years in the Technical Support field. Her knack for problem-solving shines through when tackling her favorite Braze functionalities, namely Ingestion and REST API scenarios. In the realm of technology, she firmly believes that unwavering dedication and a relentless commitment to resolving issues stand as top-tier qualities. Beyond her technical prowess, Franceska finds solace and joy in hiking through scenic landscapes and delving into the world of literature when she's not busy troubleshooting technical challenges.

Darren Neo

Darren Neo

Before his journey into Technical Support, Darren worked in the recruitment sector, building automated reporting dashboards. In his journey at Braze, he is motivated by learning about technology and actively shares his knowledge with others. At his role, he is passionate about stepping into the wider martech ecosystem, completing several SDK integrations of Braze Technology Partners. When he’s not investigating technical issues, he likes to hike through the serene embrace of nature, and enjoys having his feet behind a ball on the pitch. When he’s not putting one foot after the other, he finds solace in the quiet exploration of literature, wandering through stories to find his motifs.

Jen Lindner

Before Braze, Jen worked in human resources in the translation industry. At Braze, her favorite things to troubleshoot are campaign and Canvas sending behavior, as well as Liquid. She is currently improving her Ruby skills. After she solves an investigation, she enjoys sharing knowledge internally as well as helping to improve public documentation to further enable our customers. Outside of work, she likes trying her hand at new recipes, watching standup comedy, and playing with her dog.

Paulo Santos

Paulo joined Braze after working in Technical Support for a virtual reality company. His favorite thing to troubleshoot is SDKs and over the past year, he has been able to develop his Android SDK troubleshooting skills. He believes that great customer service is going above and beyond for customers, like taking the time to understand their unique use cases. Outside of work, he enjoys playing football and has a passion for cars and detailing.

Giovanna Kiehn Bertuzzi Luz

Giovanna Kiehn Bertuzzi Luz

Giovanna is a member of our Technical Support Engineering team, which bridges the gap between our Technical Support and Product Engineering teams. Before Braze, she put her Civil Engineering degree to work in the construction software industry. As a Technical Support Engineer, she faces complex and challenging problems on a daily basis, and takes great joy in tackling platform-related investigations in new and creative ways. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, especially exploring new and exquisite places—she has an endless list to visit!

Camille Hansen-Theobald

Camille embarked on her journey with Braze following a tenure in Higher Education, where she honed her skills in a different realm. Here at Braze, she thrives on immersing herself in the intricate world of SDK integrations. For Camille, the allure of Technical Support lies in its ever-evolving nature, where each day presents new opportunities to learn and explore. When she's not engrossed in resolving technical puzzles, you'll find her in the movie theater, savoring the magic of cinema, or reconnecting with nature's beauty through leisurely outdoor adventures. Plus, there's her beloved four-legged companion, Lola, who ensures that she enjoys refreshing walks and embraces the simple joys of life.

Don’t just take our word for it

  • The Braze team spotted the issue within an hour of our ticket submission, helping us quickly communicate what went wrong and instill confidence from leadership that we’re on the ball. It’s all thanks to the support team!

    Matt Killen
    Senior Director of Growth and Retention at Audacy, Inc.
  • Braze Support team is quick, reliable, and highly competent in helping out with thinking about the different scenarios that could be a factor in the issue at hand. A great asset to our overall Braze experience.

    Patricia Vidal
    Director of Lifecycle Marketing at Prezi
  • I always have a fantastic experience with Braze's Support team! Thank you and keep up the fast, kind, and effective work!

    Josefina Con Garza
    B2B Marketing Manager at EasyPark Group
  • I am always happy to interact with Braze Support. Their responsiveness and knowledge make any issue a bliss.

    Aude Boscher
    Product Manager (Growth Marketing) at Heetch
  • My questions are always answered, but Support goes further and offers alternative options and recommendations to simplify the process. I have several questions and queries a week and they are always answered so promptly that there is never any delay to my workflow at all, regardless of the size of the question.

    Nate Duvel
    Customer Relationship Management Manager at HeliosX Group
  • As always very fast and always helpful. Best support out of any service I've used.

    Tyler Griffith
    Software Engineer II at Vida Health
  • The support agent provided quick and substantive information regarding my quest. His suggestion was supported by a screenshot and documentation link which made it easy to implement and was a great learning opportunity for me. Top service!

    Malgorzata Sobieska
    Senior CRM Manager at DR SMILE
  • The help I received was not only clear and concise, but conversational and friendly as well! I am only a few weeks into using Braze in my role, but it has been a great experience from UX to Support.

    Cecilia McGuinness
    CRM Coordinator at AMC TV
  • Braze Support is one of the Braze platform's best features.

    Gonzalo Garcia
    Software Engineer at Taxfix
  • Braze Support consistently hits the ball out of the park—an amazing resource!

    Thomas Courtney
    Customer Engagement Marketer at Just Auto Insurance

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