Embracing Next-Generation Automation: How Four Thought Leaders Say AI Can Help Meet the Marketing Challenges of Today–and Tomorrow

Embracing Next-Generation Automation

The rise of generative AI and continued innovations in automation have sparked an unprecedented wave of media coverage and interest from executives, investors, analysts, and the general public–and marketing organizations want a piece of the action. But simply investing in artificial intelligence isn’t enough. Using AI successfully will require brands to have a clear vision of how to harness the capabilities of these powerful new tools in their customer engagement efforts.

We asked four innovative Braze Alloys partners to share their perspectives on the future of artificial intelligence in marketing, and the challenges and opportunities AI presents.

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  • Why marketers should take today’s AI advances seriously

  • Five predictions about the future of AI and customer engagement

  • What brands are getting right and wrong with AI

  • How thought leaders are approaching AI in customer engagement


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