Braze VC Program

Support your companies with the best customer engagement technology

Get access to exclusive benefits for your portfolio

Personalized Onboarding and Ongoing Strategic Support

Long-term success for your portfolio companies starts with strong support and strategic onboarding. Our outcome-oriented team will design a solution that matches specific goals and needs.

Training and Certifications

Your companies will benefit from additional training resources such as interactive courses, instructor-led trainings and use case playbooks. Additionally, operators can prove their mastery with a Braze Certification.


Our customer community can help your companies build the future of customer engagement. Whether they're looking for advice on the best strategies, feedback on their ideas, or to make professional connections, Braze Bonfire will help accelerate their success.

Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere

Whether the companies in your portfolio are just getting started or have reached scale, choosing the right partner in any field can be the difference between success and failure.

Whether at seed or scaling through Series A and beyond, Braze will be the only customer engagement platform your companies will ever need.
Your companies can integrate, customize, and amplify their customer engagement capabilities with our curated ecosystem of technology and solutions partners.
Best-in-class architecture: In 2023, we supported more than 37 billion messages between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Braze Bonfire community gives me the opportunity to connect with other marketers, developers, experts, power users, and storytellers to increase my knowledge of not only the Braze platform, but also lifecycle marketing broadly. As a team of one, the ability to ask questions and get real-time feedback from people facing some of the same situations has been key to my development.

Barry James

Barry James

Lifecycle Marketing Manager, YNAB

  • “Right away, Braze helped us transform the customer journey, especially with its journey orchestration tool. Now, we've set it up so that people can opt in to news, restocks, sales, and/or promos individually. Letting users customize the types of messages they get has improved opt-in levels and engagement.”

    Pedrom Pourkashanian
    Head of Acquisition, Sole Supplier
  • “I was most impressed by both the Braze Customer Success and Support teams, who showed such dedication in making me succeed and at a speed I’d never experienced before.”

    Sebastian Scheuer
    CRM & Marketing Automation Lead, Doktor24
  • “The fact that Braze was so easy to use allowed me to spend more of my time focusing on the growth aspect of the company and still maintain a pretty robust retention flow with minimal amount of my time.”

    Liz Keevil
    CMO, Underdog Fantasy

The following criteria apply for companies looking to access our benefits

Raised funding from an approved partner

Raised up to Series C funding

Is not an active customer of Braze

Has a customer engagement need