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LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: Humanizing the CMO Role [VIDEO INSIDE]

The CMO role is changing, as data-driven decision making enables continuous improvement and strengthens accountability. As teams adapt to a world where behavioral, demographic, and location data influence nearly every customer interaction, how do we keep the human touch that drives success? At this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) Conference, we explored the evolving perspective and responsibilities of the CMO. Featuring experts from STASH, Turo, and the CMO Network at Forbes.


Email Must-Knows: What’s a Recycled Spam Trap?

Spam traps are essentially dummy email addresses, ones that no sensible sender should be targeting, and they’re used to identify and blacklist emails from potential spam senders. Let’s focus in on a particularly tricky kind: Recycled spam traps.


The Emerging Channel Space Race: All the (Possible) Next Big Things, From Connected Car Notifications to VR Messages

At Braze, messaging channels are our bread and butter—so differentiating which new channels are ready for primetime, on the cusp, and which are still more concept than execution is central to our business. Let's explore what’s happening with today’s emerging channels and what it means for the future of your engagement strategy.


5 Principles All Email Marketers Should Live By

When you have hundreds of emails to wade through and someone manipulates you like that in order to get you to open their message, they’re making a strategic error: You may get that open, but you’re training your customers that they can’t trust the outreach you send. It's important to ensure that you’re talking to your customers thoughtfully. So let’s dig into the five rules that brands should keep in mind when they think about the email campaigns they send.


LTR 2019 Video: Considerations for Building a Modern Marketing Stack [VIDEO INSIDE]

To attract bigger audiences and achieve stronger retention, today’s brands need a technology stack able to support their larger marketing strategy and enable the brilliant, real-time experiences today’s consumer craves. At this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) conference, industry experts gathered to share the secrets to creating a best-in-class marketing stack. This panel features experts from Deliveroo, WarnerMedia Entertainment, Phiture, Lyft, and TechCrunch.


LTR 2019: The Braze Platform—Listen, Understand, Act

Braze was founded to use technology to humanize connections between brands and customers. Learn how the product has grown and evolved since launch, and what’s in store in the weeks and months to come from Braze CTO and Cofounder Jon Hyman and VP, Product Kevin Wang.