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Email Creative Services Evolves With the Introduction of Drag and Drop Templates

Team Braze By Team Braze Jan 16, 2024

Are you ready to supercharge your email marketing operations and increase efficiency across teams and technology to get into customer inboxes faster? Look no further than Braze Email Creative Services!

With this managed service offering—the latest addition to our growing list of award-winning services—we're meeting an in-demand need: Producing high-quality HTML email templates to help bring your brand’s email campaigns and broader email marketing strategy to life.

Here's why you should jump on board:

  • Accelerate launch and scale efforts. We’ll migrate existing email assets to Braze and create new email templates as needed, helping speed up your time to value with Braze.

  • Reduce burden on internal teams. Braze handles the intake, editing, and delivery of completed email assets, sending them straight to your Braze environment.

  • Expertly tested templates. No more guessing if your emails will work. We deliver tested templates directly to your Braze environment for a seamless launch.

  • Improve email marketing ROI. By supporting faster time to production at scale, it’s possible to drive more value with the messages you send.

  • Iterate easily with drag-and-drop templates. We understand not every marketer is an HTML expert. Thankfully, maintaining and updating your email templates should be a breeze with our new drag-and-drop email templates.

Braze Email Creative Services Partnership Levels

To accommodate a broad range of email needs, Braze Email Creative Services is offering three paid levels of support. Read on to learn more about each tier and assess which one makes the most sense for your team.

Tier 1: Migration Accelerator — Jumpstart Your Launch

Quickly and smoothly transition to Braze with:

  • Migration support. Hand off existing assets you need to migrate to Braze so your communications are optimized for better performance within Braze.

  • Out-of-the-box and fully-tested email templates. Leveraging these templates means no design work or coding work is needed on your end.

  • A dedicated project manager and shared feedback portal. This hands-on support makes it easy to coordinate tasks and activities, supporting a more efficient migration, ensuring all the templates are dropped to your dashboard!

Tier 2: Brand Builder — The Technical Expertise You Need

Bring your email ideas to life with extra technical support for:

  • Full template creation. Send us your brand guidelines or example designs and we’ll handle the rest, creating full templates without all the legwork on your part.

  • Custom designs. We’ll provide custom fonts and design mock-ups in ready-to-use templates that are pre-tested and ready to put live.

  • A dedicated project manager and shared feedback portal. These resources make it easy to share feedback and make easy adjustments, ensuring all the templates are dropped to your dashboard!

Tier 3: Creative Suite — Complete Braze Email Creative Services

Aim for faster time to launch and value with:

  • Creative services. Up to three months of email creative support in an iterative partnership, helping your team drive towards the best results with Braze.

  • Full design concepts and fully customized templates. These deliverables include custom fonts and additional strategic support.

  • A dedicated project manager. They’ll oversee rounds of creative feedback, adjustments, and technical support, ensuring all the templates are dropped to your dashboard!

How to Sign Up for Braze Email Creative Services

Let's create email magic together. Get in touch with our sales team or reach out directly to your dedicated Braze team to discuss how Braze Email Creative Services can transform your email marketing.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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