News Feed

Overview of the News Feed Models

  • The News Feed is represented as a Feed object, which has a list of Card objects
  • Various card models extend the base Card object
  • Cards can additionally be grouped by CardCategory

Retrieving the News Feed

To retrieve the News Feed from Braze, call either of the following methods:

Both methods will notify your News Feed listener and pass the News Feed along to your callback method.

Logging News Feed Analytics

If you wish to log News Feed analytics, you can do so using the following methods.

Logging Feed Displayed

To log a Feed Displayed event whenever a user views the News Feed, use AppboyBinding.LogFeedDisplayed().

Logging Card Impressions

To log a News Feed Card impression and mark the card as viewed, call the LogImpression() method on the associated Card object.

Logging Card Clicks

To log a News Feed Card click, call the LogClick() method on the associated Card object.

Implementation Example

Check out the FeedReceivedCallback implementation in AppboyBindingTester.cs for an implementation example.

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