Test your Basic Integration

Confirm Session Tracking is Working

At this point, you should have session tracking working in your Braze integration. To test this, go to Overview, select your application from the selected app name dropdown (defaulted to “All Apps”), and set Display Data For to “Today”. Then open your app and refresh the page - your main metrics should all have increased by 1.

Sessions working

You should continue to test your integration by navigating through your application and ensuring that only one session has been logged. Then, background the app for at least 10 seconds and bring it to the foreground again. By default, a new session is created if the app is foregrounded after more than 10 seconds, not in the foreground (backgrounded or closed). Once you’ve done this, confirm that another session was logged.

Debugging Session Tracking

If session tracking is behaving unexpectedly, turn on Verbose Logging and observe your app while you reproduce session triggering steps. Observe Braze statements in the logcat to detect where you may have missed logging openSession and closeSession calls in your activities.

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