In-App Messaging

In-App Message Types

There are four types of in-app messages: slideup, modal, full, and custom HTML. All in-app messages implement Appboy.Models.IInAppMessage.cs, and modal and full in-app messages additionally implement Appboy.Models.IInAppMessageImmersive.cs. These interfaces provide ways in which you can interact with or customize Braze’s in-app messages.

For more information, see Appboy.Models.InAppMessageBase and Appboy.Models.InAppMessageImmersiveBase.


Custom in-app messages can be handled in Unity via Braze’s InAppMessage models.

Logging Clicks and Impressions

In-App Message Body

Clicks and impressions must be manually logged for in-app messages handled in Unity. You can use the LogClicked() and LogImpression() methods defined in Appboy.Models.IInAppMessage.

In-App Message Buttons

Button clicks can be logged by calling the LogButtonClicked(buttonID(int)) method in Appboy.Models.IInAppMessageImmersive. The ButtonID can be retrieved from Appboy.Models.InAppMessageButton.

For more information, refer to Appboy.Models.InAppMessageImmersiveBase.

Customizing Display Behavior

Dismissal Behavior

You can customize in-app message dismissal behavior by setting the in-app message’s InAppDismissType property to either DismissType.AUTO_DISMISS or DismissType.SWIPE.

For more information, see Appboy.Models.InAppMessage.IInAppMessage and Appboy.Models.DismissType.

Slideup Behavior

For slideup in-app messages, you can set in-app messages to slide from the top or bottom by setting the in-app message’s SlideupAnchor property to SlideFrom.TOP or SlideFrom.BOTTOM.

For more information, see Appboy.Models.InAppMessage.InAppMessageSlideup and Appboy.Models.SlideFrom.

Customizing Click Behavior

In-App Messages

To set the in-app click action, you can call SetInAppClickAction() and pass in ClickAction.NEWS_FEED or ClickAction.NONE, which will redirect to the News Feed or do nothing, respectively.

Alternatively, you can set the click action to redirect to a URI by calling

SetInAppClickAction(ClickAction.URI, "");

For more information, see Appboy.Models.InAppMessage.IInAppMessage and Appboy.Models.ClickAction.

In-App Message Buttons

You can also set the click action on an in-app message button via the SetButtonClickAction() methods on Appboy.Models.InAppMessageButton:


SetButtonClickAction(ClickAction.URI, "");

Customizing Appearance

Custom in-app messages should be handled in Unity, using Braze’s in-app message models.

Sample Code

For sample implementation code, refer to the InAppMessageReceivedCallback() method in BrazeBindingTester.cs.

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